Harassment of the Network

When we speak of the right to communication, we refer to the conditions that the State must guarantee so that you and I can inform each other in a plural way, so that you and we have the right to freedom of expression, so that there are no economic pressures against of a means of communication that fulfills its social duty.

The extortion carried out by the Carozzi company, by withdrawing its sponsorship of programs from the La Red channel, illustrates the usurpation of memory that we have experienced during the 32 years of transition, dispossession that has been promoted by the former leaders of the dictatorship. and the Chilean right; It is not by chance that the former minister of Pinochet, Carlos Cáceres, is one of the directors of Carozzi and it is conceivable that in order to put historical and interpretive frameworks to the content broadcast by television channels, including those of Televisión Nacional de Chile, the company act like an ideological gang.

In Chile, the radioelectric spectrum belongs to the State, which should allow it to be regulated both in its access and in its distribution, in the obligatory nature of diverse, regional, community and indigenous voices; it is the State that must fight for the plurality of the media, freedom of opinion and independence from market pressures.

The State does not fulfill this function and the right to communication appears as not enforceable, since the censors are the owners of the media or exert pressure when a media has the integrity to expand its information base and connect with the diversity that Chile has. which should also be expressed in your media.

Carozzi’s conduct coincides with the option of the companies of Juan Sutil, leader of the businessmen, to eliminate the auspices of the CNN Agricultural Agenda program, in retaliation for the coverage of the social revolt of 2019; It is consistent with La Moneda’s calls to the media controllers, the sponsors’ refusal to advertise in spaces of a plural and / or critical nature, a decision that is shielded by technical reports referring to the number of audiences.

We are in the middle of a constituent process that must take charge of the actions that an economic elite imposes on us in order to maintain “their privileges and farms”, a minority that builds a “reality” to discredit the changes: the beating of the Constitutional Convention from the mass media it has been seditious.

If during the dictatorship there were media outlets that were “the voice of the voiceless” and we keep them admiration and gratitude, today, La Red is one of the main media and the only television channel that reports committing to democracy and its essential values, even if that means losing financial resources, in order to gain respect and affection from its viewers.

The Network has endeavored to exhibit a broad, diverse, critical, close and committed “reality” with the promotion and defense of human rights and that is the meat of the new Chile that we need: Let’s change together in favor of freedom and justice . Thanks!

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