Green light at the launch of the Inspiration4 mission

Inspiration4 is a flight into space contracted to the SpaceX company by the tycoon
American Jaared Isaacman, 38, founder of the company Shift4 Payments, who
donated the other three seats available on board to as many people. Isaacman, who,
In addition, he is an acrobatic pilot, he intends, apart from giving himself the pleasure of traveling to space and recording
his name in history books, raising up to 200 million euros through Inspiration4
dollars for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, a center located in Memphis (USA) dedicated to the
pediatric research and treatment of leukemia and other childhood cancers. For it,
One of the first actions of this benefactor was to start a donation campaign in
favor of the hospital, with the incentive of avoiding a place on board the ship among those who
will contribute.

Isaacman had previously yielded the first of the three available seats to Hayley.
Arceneaux, 29, as a St. Jude representative. Arceneaux was treated and operated on
the center of a bone cancer during her childhood and currently works there as a nurse.
She will be the youngest American ever to travel to space and the first person to do so.
with a prosthesis.

The other two places were drawn from one of the people who contributed their
donations to St. Jude and a user of Shift4 Payments services, being chosen
Christopher Sembroski, 42, and Sian Proctor, 51, respectively.
Inspiration4 has put on sale various merchandise signed by the crew to
continue with the collection for the benefit of the medical center. To the same end, they will take to space
aboard the ship a supply of different souvenirs that will be auctioned on your return.
The four crew members were announced in March and have since
gone through a process of preparation and training for the launch that, if everything goes as
It is planned, it will take place this morning from the historic ramp 39A of the Center
Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, from 8:02 p.m. local time (1:02 a.m.
early Thursday morning in the Canary Islands). The launch window will last for five
hours from that moment, but, if finally the weather conditions were not the
suitable for takeoff, there will be another opportunity tomorrow at the same time.
Inspiration4 has generated enormous expectations for its charitable nature, but above all
due to the fact that it is the first space mission entirely composed of
civilian personnel, without any professional astronauts on board.

For this reason, the event is receiving wide coverage by the media from
communication from all over the world. An example of its repercussion is that Netflix is ​​broadcasting
a mini-series titled Countdown that follows the adventures of the crew from their
training until they return to Earth.


In April 2001, Dennis Tito, a wealthy American businessman, became the
first space tourist to acquire a seat on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft that would take him to the
International Space Station, where he spent six days. During the following years, other
people entered Earth orbit aboard spacecraft without being astronauts
professionals and with no other task to do other than enjoy the trip and satisfy your desire to live
such an exclusive experience; that is, for leisure.

Space tourism has been in existence for two decades, and although the offer is still small
—In fact, it cannot meet the demand—, every day we can see more initiatives
that from the scope of the private company they pretend to please a substantial market in

This year we have been able to see the suborbital flights made by Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin,
that, although they have been accompanied by some controversy as to whether they can be considered
space flights, by not exceeding the so-called Kármán Line (the theoretical – and subjective –
boundary of space, established at 100 km of altitude), give a good account of where the
shots as far as the flourishing of space tourism is concerned.

Today, SpaceX will go further with the Inspiration4 mission. In this case, there will be no question
as to whether the crew will reach space, since it will orbit the Earth at an altitude of 575 km,
more than 150 above the International Space Station, for three days.
Although the quartet that will live this experience has gone through a preparation for
become familiar with the ship’s systems and the rigors of the voyage, such training is far
the demanding training professional astronauts must undergo. The Crew
Dragon is a highly automated ship capable of operating autonomously or directed
from mission control on the ground, with practically no need for intervention by the

Inspiration4 is a giant step forward for space tourism, which is no longer a dream for
become a tangible reality that will become more and more common.

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