Gelsenkirchen: Incredibly bold!  Perfidious "craftsman" steals senior citizen - police with urgent warning


Gelsenkirchen: Incredibly bold! Perfidious “craftsman” steals senior citizen – police with urgent warning

Nasty scam in Gelsenkirchen. (Symbol image)

Foto: picture alliance/PantherMedia/Andriy Popov; picture alliance/CHROMORANGE/Dieter Moebus (Montage: DER WESTEN)

Gelsenkirchen. It is always frightening how unscrupulous some fraudsters go about robbing bona fide elderly people of their belongings

In the following incident Gelsenkirchen an 89-year-old from Buer became the victim of a wrong trade. The police took the act as an opportunity to warn again urgently against such fraudsters.

Gelsenkirchen: Senior woman (89) falls victim to a brazen fraud

It was around 12 noon on September 8th (Wednesday) when the senior woman’s doorbell rang. A man – around mid-30s – stood at the door of the apartment on Hülser Strasse and said he had to check the electricity and telephone lines.

The 89-year-old acted sensibly at first and did not want to let the man into the apartment – but the stranger did not give up and finally the elderly gave in.

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The “craftsman” instructed the woman to go into the cellar, pull a plug there and count to 30. In the meantime he would test the lines. The woman followed the instructions, returned to her apartment – and was sent straight back to the basement by the stranger to do exactly the same there again.

When she returned to her apartment again, the wrong craftsman had disappeared – as well as her cash, jewelry, savings contract, identity card, as well as her health insurance card and EC cards!

Police publish a description of the perpetrator

The scammer is described as follows:

  • Not 30
  • 1.90 meters tall
  • dark hair
  • dark eyes
  • spoke German without an accent
  • wore a brightly checked shirt, jeans and a face mask
  • was traveling in a medium-sized car

Witnesses who can provide information about the perpetrator or who observed something conspicuous at the time of the crime should please contact the Gelsenkirchen police on 0209 / 365-8142 or -8240.

Strong warning:

The police are once again urgently warning against this brazen scam. “Please inform your parents, grandparents or neighbors about the danger that such fraudsters pose,” the message says.


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Further: “Do not let strangers into your own four walls, especially if they are unannounced at your door. Do not be dazzled by a well-groomed and friendly demeanor. Close the door again and, if necessary, call relatives or the police on 110. “(at)

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