Many viewers know Abdelkarim from the ZDF political satire “heute-show”. The comedian, presenter and podcaster is back tonight (September 14th) with a new episode of “Finally clear text – the big RTLZWEI politician check 2021”. The first editions in 2017 were awarded the German Television Prize. And shortly before this year’s general election, Abdelkarim will meet with top politicians from the six largest parties. The aim is to make professional politicians aware of the concerns and needs of the population. FOCUS Online was able to ask the moderator a few questions before the broadcast.

FOCUS Online: Do you feel pressure because you won the German TV Prize with the last edition of “Endlich Klartext”?

Abdelkarim: I’m still as happy about the award as I was on the first day, but it’s actually a minor matter. We approached the new episodes as if the price didn’t even exist. We look at which topics are burning people’s minds before making a choice and talk to them about them.

“Finally clear text” continues to run on RTLZWEI after winning the television award – because the audience, which tends to be young, is more disenchanted with politics and should be introduced?

I’ve never seen young people disenchanted with politics in this way. A young person is not immediately disenchanted with politics just because he doesn’t know all politicians by name. We were delighted from the start to bring this format to RTLZWEI and knew that people would ask whether it was the right channel. But RTLZWEI viewers don’t just see this channel. And in the end they have the same problems as ARD viewers.

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Perhaps it cannot be prevented that politicians lose touch with ordinary life

We media people and the politicians often raise issues that we think people are most interested in. Which ones are really on the minds of those you spoke to and make a choice?

Who has the best solution for social problems? That answer will make a huge difference, I’m sure of it. For example, we spoke to a woman who has to deal with very little money. The problem is not unique. There are many people across Germany who have to finance their lives with less than 400 euros a month. They struggle with it every day. The theme is always present, from waking up to going to bed. People are not against climate change or against world peace, but they still don’t want to be neglected. The party that manages this balancing act best will have the greatest success in the long run.

Do top politicians still have a connection to “ordinary” life these days?

That is not that easy to answer, and certainly not a blanket answer. I have met many politicians who are trying very hard. Perhaps with some politicians it is impossible to avoid losing touch with “ordinary” life. If you want or not. You don’t take the train normally, you don’t go shopping normally as a top politician. Not because you’re so important, but because of time constraints. Then something like “Finally clear text” has to come and bring the politicians back to the people.

For years you have been very vehement and clear against the AfD and its agenda. Was it therefore difficult for you to shoot with Karsten Hilse?

The AfD is a racist party. You don’t have to look for evidence in the meantime. A not inconsiderable part of their statements are openly racist and also generally anti-constitutional.

But the AfD made it into the Bundestag. And we at “Endlich Klartext” have decided to speak to all parties represented in the Bundestag. How we find the parties is irrelevant. Besides, I don’t think it’s right to avoid the AfD. You can Don’t ignore the party that is sawing democracy in the Bundestag. You should confront the AfD with issues and ask for arguments. Then you quickly realize that there is not much going on besides populism and scaremongering.

“Finally clear text – the big RTLZWEI Politician Check 2021” runs on September 14th and September 21st at 11:45 pm. The top politicians Kevin Kühnert (SPD), Katja Kipping (Die Linke), Ricarda Lang (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen), Jana Schimke (CDU), Johannes Vogel (FDP) and Karsten Hilse (AfD) can be seen at their meetings with citizens .

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