The woman of Espadas declares as allegedly plugged: Susana Díaz and Minister Montero, the following

The secretary general of the PSOE-A and mayor of Seville, the socialist Juan Espadas, has valued the appearance of his wife, Carmen Ibanco, before the parliamentary commission that investigates the alleged corruption of the Faffe, the aid foundation for the Andalusian unemployed that it received from the Socialist Junta more than 55 million euros never justified.

Ibanco declared last Friday as alleged “plugged in” in the aforementioned entity, detaching from his express hiring her husband, at that time Deputy Minister of the Environment of the Andalusian government. Asked about her daily tasks, Ibanco assured that she carried out tasks with the computer and for this used the operating system “Word Perfect” (¿?).

The socialist swords has come out on Tuesday in his defense and has described his appearance as “a political shame”, attributing it to “the political hunt for Cs, PP and Vox“Parties that he considers are seeking” the permanent deterioration of the image of the PSOE. ” An image, forgets to influence, deteriorated by the PSOE-A itself and its endemic corruption for 37 years at the head of the Board.

The statement, a «pantomime»

In an interview with the program Andalusian accent from 7Tv Andalusia, collected by Europa Press, has considered “a pantomime” the summons of his wife considering that “conspicuous by its absence” the contribution of the Faffe commission in “clarifying the facts.”

“I am not going to contribute to stopping even half a second in qualifying this way of understanding politics,” said Espadas, who has elaborated on the appearance of his wife to show that “is quoted for no reason to a public employee who has been working for 14 years ”, without indicating“ what is the reason ”, so that“ helplessness is generated ”in the person appearing.

Carmen Ibanco started as an employee of the Training and Employment Fund Foundation and is currently surrogated as a worker of the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE), which took over the employees of Faffe when the Andalusian Government dissolved the foundation.

He submitted his “resume”

Espadas has alluded to “the tone and style of some of the spokesmen” used in the appearance of his wife, a fact on which he considered that “it is evident that she was called for being my wife“After claiming that they had to face the same procedure” other workers who entered with the same selection process. “

The secretary general of the PSOE has urged to look for “those responsible for the selection” that was made to join the Faffe after arguing that the people “presented your resume that suited the position I was looking for.

After pointing out that the objective is “to deteriorate the image of the PSOE”, to which he added that the fact is “to take advantage of the fact that I am the secretary general to deteriorate mine”, he has indicated that “the most uncouth It is damaging the image of a worker who has been working for many years and who does not deserve the treatment she received from your honorable Members ”.

Espadas has argued that “Parliament is something else” in the face of the climate that he has portrayed in the Faffe committee and has considered that “we are used to this kind of dirt and mud “, before insisting on his rejection that” people who are not in politics suffer this type of hunt, ridicule. Each one portrays himself in his way of understanding and exercising politics ”, concluded the socialist.

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