California recall election makes Little Saigon 'busy'

Dang-Giao/Vietnamese people

LITTLE SAIGON, California (NV) – California’s special election to decide whether to remove Governor Gavin Newsom from office took place in an atmosphere of excitement and excitement in the areas around Little Saigon on Tuesday, September 14.

Three people of Vietnamese origin, two men with a cane and a woman limping, entered the polls at the Westminster Community Center. (Picture: Dang-Giao/Vietnamese)

The majority of voters of Vietnamese origin who invited each other to the polls had already filled out, sealed, and signed ballots in hand.

One of the polling places with the largest number of Vietnamese people is Garden Grove Sports & Recreation Center next to Bolsa Grande High School, Garden Grove, right in the heart of Little Saigon, home to the largest overseas Vietnamese community, so it’s very convenient for people. Vietnamese voters.

“I have registered to vote by absentee ballot for more than 15 years, since I became a citizen,” said Mr. Duong Quang Lam, a resident of Westminster.

He explained: “My words are good enough to take the citizenship test, so I need a lot of time to think. At home, when I see a word I don’t understand, I always consult the dictionary, or meet a man or woman that I don’t know, I ‘Google it’ but go to the polls, I’m nervous and inconsiderate.”

A man of Vietnamese origin “dared” to ask for help outside the polling place. (Picture: Dang-Giao/Vietnamese)

He freely shared: “I voted against Mr. Newsom because he is too ‘democratic’, taking care of the people living in illegal areas rather than worrying about the taxpayers.”

He happily said: “If I receive a check for $600, I may change my mind, but wait and see nothing, I ‘vote yes’ for it. ‘Sorry Newsom!’”

Other voters were also happy to contribute.

One woman, who gave only her Vietnamese surname Tran, said in English: “I’m not saying who I vote for, but I can say that California is the land of the Democrats. ‘Mr. Ex President’ has made me sick of the Republic.”

A nearby Vietnamese man immediately scowled, about to say something, but a large white man took her hand and went straight to the polling place.

In the yard, a few people just finished voting, gathered in a corner.

A long line of voters at the Westminster Chamber of Commerce. (Picture: Dang-Giao/Vietnamese)

Ms. Le An Phuoc said: “Eat any tree, fence the same tree. My wife and I have been sick for many years, if it weren’t for the Democrats, we wouldn’t be able to pay for the hospital.”

She added: “Now that the governor is in such a ‘crash’ that I don’t vote for him, it’s too bad. It didn’t cost me anything, I just worked hard.”

A man who hid his last name, only giving his Vietnamese name was Thang, whispered: “I voted to keep Mr. Newsom, but I have to tell my friends that I voted for someone else because my friends don’t understand, always defend the Republic, It’s wrong to be wrong, it’s completely absurd.”

Another location crowded with Vietnamese voters is the Westminster Community Center near city hall.

“I have volunteered here since 2020, during the election to remove Mayor Ta Duc Tri with Councilmember Kimberly Ho and Deputy Mayor Charlie Chi Nguyen until now. I find that my people often vote earlier than other ethnicities. But that’s just a personal opinion,” one volunteer shared during a break. “For my part, I just said the presidential election, I voted for Mr. Biden. That’s all.”

Voters comply with COVID-19 regulations, wear masks and stay 2 meters apart. (Picture: Dang-Giao/Vietnamese)

Another familiar place for Vietnamese is the Westminster Chamber of Commerce, at the corner of Beach and Hazard Streets.

Because they have already filled out their ballots at home, voters go to the polls a lot and leave very quickly. They rushed in and out like a festival.

Mr. William Nguyen walked out of his car after voting.

He said: “I ‘vote yes’ because in March 2019, Mr. Newsom said a sentence that affected three or four nail salons of my daughter and my wife. Why doesn’t ‘he’ say bad things about Chinese restaurants? Fear it for sure. Or do you really do business with it?”

After lunchtime, the number of voters going to the polling place increased and the number of people lined up at the Courtyard Center on Main Street, Garden Grove, forming a zigzag line.

A Vietnamese woman happily left after completing her civic duty. (Picture: Dang-Giao/Vietnamese)

Mr. Danh Le, a resident of Garden Grove, said: “I have already elected Mr. Newsom to be dismissed and also selected a replacement over the weekend, but this morning I changed my mind so I was at work, had to ask for leave to come out here. Apply for a new vote. The old one I asked them to throw away.”

Bella Nguyen, a resident of Garden Grove, said slowly, “I want Mr. Gavin Newsom to stay because he has brought California through difficulties during the pandemic.”

She emphasized: “No one is foolish enough to ‘change horses in the middle of the stream’. Mr. Newsom could even be president.”

Thanks to this extraordinary election, Little Saigon became “busy.” [đ.d.]

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