Beauty on the couch: help, I'm losing my hair!

A seasonal fall

The moult began at the end of the summer. “The change of climate, rhythm and brightness generates hormonal variations to which the hair is sensitive. It then undergoes an accelerated renewal phase which involves this sometimes massive drop, which is frequent in women, ”explains Didier Coustou, consulting dermatologist for Ducray. Some patients, panicked by the specter of baldness, present him with real hunting trophies: tufts wrapped in a bag or photos of hair lining the bathtub. “Alopecia areata forms localized plaques. However, this fall is global. And temporary, ”he reassures. Within six months, no reason to worry. “Our hair is going through a transition phase between the radiant epoch of summer and winter, symbolically associated with interiority and death,” recalls Leila Nasri, coach and naturopath. “Even if it prepares a rebirth, this process of letting go remains anxious,” she notes.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

Unfortunately, stress such as fatigue and viral infections help accelerate the fall. “The hair and the nervous system come from the same embryonic tissue,” she recalls. “I eat ‘balanced’ and, despite that, I lose an impressive amount. I don’t understand, ”is surprised Laurence, 47 years old. According to the naturopath, it is also advisable to bring calcium, silicon and magnesium to his diet by consuming oilseeds, horsetail or nettle teas, green vegetables and deacidifying foods (banana, chestnut…).

Take care of your hair

Continue coloring? Yes, but no straightening or perm! Rather a powder maskamla, purifying and nourishing plant, or an application of oil of take. Recipes dear to Indians, experts in hair care. Also perform mini-circles with fingertips (not fingernails!), “Sliding” the scalp over the cranium, from the ears to the midline. Relaxing, this gesture facilitates the passage of nutrients, removes toxins and… obsessive thoughts.

In the shower : to slow down hair loss and regain volume, an anti-hair loss shampoo followed by a fortifying treatment for devitalized hair. Anaphase +, Ducray, 200 ml, € 10.50.
To leave on overnight: Fundamental care oil, NYM, 100 ml, 26,50 €.
In mask (after diluting in a little water), Amla powder, Aroma-Zone, 250 g, € 3.50.

==> Do you take care of your hair?
Whether blonde, chestnut, ebony, short, long, curly, kinky, our mane, indisputable symbol of seduction, needs to be pampered.
It is also necessary that she receives appropriate care. To find out if you know how to take care of your hair, take the test.

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