Barcelona buries its greatness

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Koeman’s self-conscious proposal, which ended several homegrown players in the field, does not prevent another derision against a much superior Bayern

The Bara footballers, before the defeat against Bayern.ALBERT GEAREUTERS

The worst was not the defeat. Losing is part of this life. But it is necessary to distinguish between those who assume their inferiority by hiding their necks in the ground and those who try to rebel against difficulties. The value lies right there.

This Barcelona of Koeman It is in the light of both Bayern, once again an executioner, as well as the rest of the teams of the European bourgeoisie. Ruin reaches to the last corner. But now he’s castling in the compound. The ball no longer serves him, just run after it, accumulate men in his area and pray that the goals against do not accumulate. It was three this time. I didn’t even shoot between the sticks of News. And the young people, who always look good for propaganda, did not appear until there was nothing to do. There was never greatness in cowardice.

If something is clear to Koeman is that, if he has to die, he will make him proud of his legend and with his tactical survival manual as a flag. Although the demons take their president away every time he sees a Barcelona line-up with three centrals. And without that photograph of Johan Cruyff that the coach has hanging in his office has much more value than that of the tribute to a time that he understands is not his. What matters now is to avoid ridicule. It is neither the way nor does it get it.

Koeman doesn’t give a damn about interference from Laporta regarding the tactical drawing to use. So on the first serious slope of the season he buried a 4-3-3 that, in his hands, has been of little use, to return to the theoretical protection of 3-5-2. Araujo and Eric Garca were the bodyguards of Gerard Piqu, for what Sergi Roberto, overwhelmed like never before, and Jordi Alba, injured, began to suffer in front of Alphonso Davies and She had to. On the offensive front they appeared Memphis and, for the first time, the big man Luke de Jong. In other words, PSV Eindhoven’s forward seven years ago. After the goodbye of Messi and Griezmann and the jam at the nurse, this is what it is.

No midfield

Julian Nagelsmann, that precocious genius of the benches who moved with the nerve of a conductor in the technical zone, had already warned the day before that he knew what he would find. It was not difficult to guess. Koeman gave up his midfield, drove his defensive line of five well back and based his fortunes on attacks that barely lasted a breath. How long the whistling took Luke de Jong -who Laporta compares with Julio Salinas– or Memphis to unload a ball and find that there will be no one to pass.

Such was Koeman’s obsession with not losing his defensive composure that there was no way his team would generate miserable superiority in the field kitchen.

And when Busquets or Sergi Roberto lost a ball the Germans were gladly deployed. And they did it with such musicality that they sounded like the eight helicopters of Apocalypse Now in Vietnam to the beat of the Ride of the Valkyries from Wagner.

Although the habitual thing was that the Bayern entered touching until the same small area of ​​the Barcelona. Kimmich and Goretzka they pushed the playmakers up to the nose of Ter Stegen, that you only see lumps without knowing what to expect. And so came the opening goal. The old wolf Mller he hit a ball. Eric Garca He chose to turn around, which caused a rebound that left Ter Stegen stunned and dejected. I saved two goals from San. But he couldn’t keep outwitting fate.

Coutinho, nine months later

Koeman did not react until Bayern nailed him 0-2 in the dawn of the second act. The bisoo Musiala, a torment for the Catalans, shot at the post. And none of the Bara’s three center-backs thought it convenient to keep an eye on one of the best strikers on the planet. Lewandowki, who has scored 18 consecutive games, only had to push the net.

Then yes. In addition to Coutinho, who left nine months later to rehearse his usual shot, two 18-year-old boys broke in (iron and Balde, same age as the increasingly bewildered Pedri) and another of 17 (Gavi). The fans wanted to cheer up a bit, but Bayern, even walking, ended the game with Lewandowski celebrating 0-3. Bara will have to go to Lisbon to risk his life against Benfica. This is their fight.

Describing sadness was never easy. Ana Mara Matute he got it in his writing: I have suffered a lot. Much. But I have never been bored. Although there are times that I would have changed it for a bit of boredom. Not even that is left for Barcelona. Gloomy Without soul.

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