Apple has a new iPhone 13 and a watch, but the most important thing is what it did not count

If Apple has learned anything in the pandemic, it is to cut to the chase. The ‘keynote’ this Tuesday lasted an hour and 20 minutes. It served to present a total of seven products, in addition to announcing the odd premiere of Apple TV Plus in an introduction in which Tim Cook praised California that Isabel Díaz Ayuso is used to with Madrid. Who knows if what the biggest fish on the block was trying to do was throw a dab at Elon Musk for having taken the Tesla headquarters to Texas in order to enjoy less taxation.

This is the new iPhone 13: this is how Apple wants to convince you to buy its ‘best seller’

Michael Mcloughlin

In another era, the presentation would have lasted up to two hours with a smaller number of news. To the expected iPhone 13 y el Apple Watch seventh generation, joined a new iPad ‘low cost’ and an iPad Mini that it has won, and a lot, with a renovation that resembles the iPad Pro and iPad Air in design. This tablet was the revelation actor, occupying the gap of some AirPods that did not make an appearance and that at any moment can be launched by surprise with a press release.

To all this we must also add the announcement that Fitness +, the Cupertino training ‘app’, will be available in more countries, including Spain. Despite the fact that many, the vast majority, of the specifications of the company’s fetish phones had already been leaked in the previous days, the devilish pace of the presentation means that the common man can miss more than one detail. And more in an event like this, in which what is said is as important as what is not said.

No date for the Watch

Each block of the presentation ended in the same way. Release date and price. It is practically the only thing that they manage to keep safe on most occasions. Yesterday it was known what all their products will cost, but the same did not happen with the day they can be reserved and will reach the market. The Apple Watch Series 7 is undated. “Available in the fall”.

Tim Cook, CEO de Apple. (Reuters)

This would confirm that indeed Apple, although at times it seems like an extraterrestrial company above the market conjunctures, has not been able to escape the effects of a crisis like the one the semiconductor guild is going through. For several weeks, it had been rumored that the watch would debut a new design with a larger screen and a new strap system. 1/2. The first prophecy was fulfilled, the second not, to the relief and joy of those with a generous collection of company belts under their belt. The service letter for this new Watch is also completed with a faster charging system and where the cable finally changes the end with USB connector from type A to type C.

The question, beyond what day this device can be purchased, is whether these problems can affect at some point the availability of other devices, such as the iPhone 13. It already happened with the AirPods Max During the first half of this year, when nothing else was made available to the public, a volume of orders was generated that was resolved with several weeks of waiting list. For weeks, it was rumored that the apple would rise in prices as a result of the tensions in the supply chain, which ultimately did not happen. It was also rumored that he intended to increase production by 20% compared to last year. We will have to wait to see if the Californians they do not suffer at some point in demand much greater than what they can offer.

Apple presents its iPhone 13 with great improvements in the cameras

Nobody sets the pace

Another thing that Apple did not say this Tuesday but that it demonstrated, once again, is that nobody sets the pace for them. They have the most profitable phone in the industry, and in recent years they have achieved one of their models to be crowned as the best-selling in the market. They are often blamed for being late for many things. The philosophy of Californians is already known: they are better at retouching than inventing and they always play it safe. A good example of this is the 120Hz refresh rate. Many mobiles have been using Android for years, even mid-range ones. But they have launched it in 2021 and they have also done it as a privilege for the Pro models.

What justifies their taking so long is that they don’t feel competitive pressure. They are one of a kind, unlike the Android universe, where the competition is so voracious that you have to squeeze the spec sheet to the fullest. In addition, his parish is quite stable, faithful and has more possibilities to grow than to decline. The percentage of people who say that I have been using iOS for many years is much higher than those who would be willing to change their iPhone for a Samsung, an Oppo or a Xiaomi. They sell the experience and the customers buy it at whatever price.

Photo: View of the iPhone 13 Pro. Photo: Apple.
The iPhone 13 Pro are here: this is the new thing that Apple’s most expensive mobile brings

Michael Mcloughlin

That the 120Hz, a functionality that is not missed until you experience it and see how the games and videos flow on the screen, are reserved for the ‘hams’ in the catalog it makes all the sense in the world within the strategy of the block. First, because that functionality can be a stone in the gas tank of the iPhone 13 Mini, which has to demonstrate a solvency in autonomy that its predecessor was not able to demonstrate. And two, because those who buy the iPhone 13 to dry, like those who bought the 12, 11 or Xr, want a next-generation iPhone, which covers their basic needs very well (performance, autonomy, camera and iOS ) without going to 1,000 euros. The demand for entry-level models has shown that they don’t care about a camera that doesn’t have a telephoto, a lower resolution, or has 60Hz. On Android we would be tearing our clothes, but here is what it is: if you want a cheaper phone with next-gen iOS, it’s the iPhone 13, the 13 Mini or nothing. It is what has the absence of competitive pressure, that one sets the times.

Why don’t you remove the ‘Lightning’? Do I need 1 TB?

But that marking the times sometimes becomes an incomprehensible pachorra. You can understand the decision to discriminate the basic model on your screen, you can understand that they do not renounce facial recognition and ‘notch’, given the good result that FaceID offers and the level of security it boasts, but it is difficult to digest and find answers to what the ‘Lightning’ remains the connector of this new generation of phones. The only reason I can find is that the AirPods have not yet taken that step either and it can be uncomfortable to have to carry a cable with this proprietary standard and a USB Type-C cable. But the truth is that this conservative stance collides with a company that does not stop talking about the ecosystem and that it has already put this connector en masse in its MacBooks and iPads, after the redesign of the iPad Mini.

Tim Cook, CEO de Apple, junto al iPhone 13. (Reuters)

A thing that squeaks too, or can at least do it in the first place, is that they have been encouraged to launch a version of 1TB of memory. Do not forget that the grace will come out for 1,739 euros in the case of the iPhone 13 Pro; 1,839 euros in the case of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This amount of storage can be shocking for a company that has always remained very scarce in memory, which does not allow to expand the storage by microSD defending that for that we have iCloud and that we go through the box if we want to have more space for our things. It may also be striking that the apple decides to do it shortly after Samsung backtracked after introducing some of its flagships with this ability.

The answer here is basically in the ProRES standard, that allows you to record video with hardly any loss. Of course, a minute of video with these characteristics can suppose a file of several gigabytes, and if one intends to use it regularly for these purposes, because he is going to make professional use of the terminal, it is logical to have a cargo hold like that. But an iPhone with 1 TB of memory, outside of that circumstance, is not a mass product.

The iPhone 12 is scalded

The big loser of last night, in my opinion, was not any of the newly minted products that were seen. The iPhone 12 was scalded after the presentation on Tuesday. One of the most interesting things about Apple events is seeing the previous generation downgrade and increase its appeal to those looking for an Apple phone, but saving a pinch. And they are not few. If we look at Canalys data for the first quarter of fiscal 2021, practically one out of every three phones sold in that period is either an iPhone SE or an iPhone from previous generations.

Tim Cook, durante la ‘keynote’. (Reuters)

The good work that Apple did with the iPhone Xs, Xr and iPhone 11 left these models as a very good option even when their successors appeared on the scene. The same has not happened with the iPhone 12, which, once you have seen the specification sheet of the iPhone 13, has remained as a generation that sinned to be little ambitious and that involved very modest shortcomings in 5G and in a somewhat renewed design.

Last year, when someone asked if they bought the iPhone 11, I had no qualms about recommending it. I believe that 5G is something that can be dispensed with and that it does not represent a radical change in the way we use our terminals. However, this year, if someone is hesitating between the 12th and the 13th, I will always push them towards the latter. Apple wins, yes, but those who seek to squeeze every euro of their investment lose.

Photo: New iPad Mini.
New iPads and Apple Watch: Apple renews itself with more power and design change


The iPhone 13 Mini is the best example of this. Now it receives an autonomy that does justice to the investment it involves and that does not limit it to people who use their mobile little. The battery improves in all models, which did not happen with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12, in which the jump to 5G led to a little step back in this regard. The advancement of the camera has also been much greater between the generation of 2021 and 2020 than it was between the generation of 2020 and 2019. They have put much larger sensors and more interesting apertures, as well as some very good improvements. One never ceases to have the feeling that this, really, is the camera that should have been seen exactly 12 months ago.

Probably the iPhone 12 should have been sold as an intermediate generation, an iPhone 11S, which would have really better reflected what they had in hand. It probably would have also helped them feel the iPhone 13 like a real breakthrough and keep many from wondering what’s really new. Practically everything that made the difference and justified the existence and price of the Pro MaxRegardless of size, it has only taken 12 months for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 to arrive.

Obviously, that doesn’t seem like reason enough to change the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro Max you bought a few months ago, but your teeth are likely to get long. If you have an iPhone 11 or its Pro version, the benefits are greater, but it can still give you one or two more years of service.

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