Anna Westerlund speaks for the first time about the death of her partner, Pedro Lima

Anna Westerlund gave an interview to Manuel Luís Goucha, the first since the death of Pedro Lima, broadcast this Tuesday, the 14th, in the presenter’s program, on TVI.

The actor’s widow revealed that the two met on a full moon night, moments they used to celebrate. In an interview, the ceramist reveals that after the actor’s death, life “it’s a restart, a being born again”, It’s “learn how to mold ourselves again as a person. The clay is the longing”, he added.

In the same interview, he reveals that he had “lucky enough to have lived a great love”, alongside Pedro Lima, with whom he spent 20 years. “There are days when pain is stronger and days when love is stronger. We always knew how to respect each other and we wanted to be better people for each other. We wanted to be in love with each other”.

“I don’t think anyone chooses to be depressed, somehow there are people more genetically predisposed to the disease,” he added, explaining that, given the circumstances at that time, “the perfect storm was created”, stressing the role that the pandemic brought in the isolation of the population in general.

“Although Pedro is accompanied by a psychologist and a psychiatrist, [o facto de] everything being over the phone may not have helped” he says, continuing. “Pedro was a man of action. The isolation we’ve all been subjected to really messed with him. Among other episodes. the perfect storm was created so that Pedro, who had already had a prolonged depression, would enter into a galloping, violent and rapid depression”, revealed, explaining that he believes his partner had no idea “the severity of the depression I had”.

“He was a happy man, but with shadows. With complex things, insecurities It is important to realize this point where the person does not choose to be depressed” , he stressed, reinforcing the importance of understanding that suicide is a consequence of a mental illness.

“We say the person committed suicide. I say that Pedro died of suicide, because suicide is a consequence of a mental illness. We care a lot about physical health. Caught in the comparison with cancer: when we talk about cancer we realize that we are talking about physical health, when we talk about depression it is more complex and socially there is no prevention as there is for physical health”, continued.

“He died of suicide as he was ill and one consequence was this urge to commit suicide”, he reinforced, explaining that the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic may have played a role in this tragic outcome. “The pandemic brought us all an uncertainty about what would be [o futuro]” .

Asked by Manuel Luís Goucha about whether this tragic end was expected, Anna Westerlund said no and explained why. “Days before we talked about it [da hipótese de suicídio], if he thought about it and he answered me eye to eye and I believed it”, he said. “But love doesn’t save everything”, she said, revealing that she is undergoing therapy, as well as her children, and that she has never felt angry with her partner because of the attitude she took. “I love him so much that there is no room for anger. there is a rational understanding of what happened”.

In the same interview, the ceramist also spoke of the role that medication for depression played in the actor’s life. “Depression is treated with medication, but it doesn’t work for everyone. In Pedro’s case, the medication freaked the scenario out”, he said, while stressing the importance of people with the same problems being monitored and following the treatments indicated.

Remember that Anna Westerlund and Pedro Lima have four children in common, Ema, Mia, Max, and Clara. The actor also has an eldest son, João Francisco, the result of his previous relationship with Patrícia Piloto. He died in Praia do Abano, on June 20, 2020.

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