A point of madness

The Sevilla begins its journey in this edition of the Champions League with a draw, a monumental effort and a major point of insanity. The Nervionense team signed tables (1-1) with the Red Bull Salzburg in a script meeting that was as convoluted as possible and in which even four penalties in the first half. The Austrians enjoyed three and marched two, while Rakitic Yes he fulfilled his mission in the only one favorable to Sevilla. The expulsion from En Neysri In the second half, in his attempt to provoke a fifth encounter with the fateful point, he marked the options of a team called to go to the next round but that begins with a setback in the maximum continental competition.

The Champions League has matches that lead to the most bizarre scenarios and the Sevilla he knew the qualities of his rival, a young and cheeky team that always looks at the opposing goal. However, not even the most daring could imagine a drawing like the one we could see and enjoy in the first 45 minutes, although analyzed from the sevillista prism there was a lot of suffering and little enjoyment. The best, the result, a 1-1 more than enough after suffering three maximum penalties against, all of them for negligence on the same player.

Karim Adeyemi He was the great protagonist of the first half due to his speed and depth, ending in the Sevilla area. Up to three times he fell in the vicinity of the goal of Bono the very young German, already an absolute international, and in the three the Belarusian referee Kulbakov would end up signaling a penalty. Diego Carlos, Navas and the goalkeeper himself were the offenders, in chronological order, in an improvised set whose first pitcher was precisely Adeyemi.

The striker, also cheeky to take responsibility, crossed too much the first shot, which went directly out to the relief of the fans present in the Sánchez Pizjuán. Sevilla celebrated the failure in the 13th minute, but in the 21st they would have to face a rival launch again from 11 meters. Navas’ youth push was punished with a penalty and in this case, goal by Sucic, who denied the possibility to Adeyeme. By surprise but deservedly, Red Bull Salzburg were ahead on the scoreboard.

Adeyemi, ‘the penalty man’

The thing would not stop there, and that is that the Austrian team continued with its arrivals to the rival area, curdling a more than meritorious role given its humility in terms of the highest European level. Adeyemi would again cause a penalty, already in the final stretch of the first half, for an unfortunate departure from Bono. Again Sucic to the apparatus, but in this case to send the ball to the post and frustrate the options of expanding the income of the Red Bull.

Who forgives pays it and the Sevilla would tie through, of course, a penalty, in this case committed by the ex sevillista Wober on En Neysri. Rakitic assumed responsibilities and gave a class on how to transform a maximum penalty, to be targeted by some Salzburg players, who built a lot, deserved more and took a little loot at halftime in the form of 1-1, with 45 minutes in which the locals would try to turn the game towards the Austrian goal.

In Neysri, head to the pool

The match was utterly insane and he was not going to change trend in the second half. In the absence of penalties, a cup of simulations. And Neysri wanted to be the smartest in the class but his pool did not need even the warning of the WHERE. The referee caught him the first time, with the consequent yellow. The Moroccan had already received one in the initial 45 minutes, so we also had the first expulsion with almost a part to play. The Sevilla I was going back to the canvas.

The roller coaster of sensations of the match changed direction again and the Salzburg he was counting on winning again. Sesko had had it before the expulsion of In Neysri, but Bono reacted with a gliding flight. Even clearer would be the back of the central usually, that incomprehensibly hit an empty goal a volley of the simplest. It was offside but the ruling will remain in the retina of the fans, coaches and players of the Salzburg for a few days.

Point and end

Despite being outnumbered, the Sevilla he opposed victory with his weapons and The Apple, with a header from the weak side, he was about to score what would have been the winning goal. He went off track by inches. Rafa Mir he stretched everything he could to the team Lopetegui, but the physical might of the box Red Bull he did the rest to keep favoritism on his side.

Six minutes were allotted for the discount in order to maintain the thriller. Not so many things happened anymore but the Sevilla, with the public outraged by the yellows taught to his players, he suffered the unspeakable to sign a point that without entering the context may seem scarce, but which is more than enough for what could have been his turbulent debut in the Champions. The icing on the cake was the final action, with a protested hand in the area of ​​the Salzburg that if it had been pointed out, it would have come full circle in one of the craziest games of recent times.

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