Why does my boyfriend sometimes want to play alone?

So that he could play with you? Because that’s your problem, Tom, if I understand correctly: that your boyfriend wants to play alone, when you want him to play with you. Your question, Tom, is one of the most important in existence, and you’ve been asking yourself it all your life. From the moment we realize (and we must, one day, realize it…) that others do not necessarily have the same desires as us; or, in any case, not at the same time as us. And it’s still terrible. It is not terrible when the others that it is about, we do not care. But it’s terrible when you love them. Because, the people we love, we would like to be with them all the time. Which is impossible: our feet and hands obey us, and they cannot do what they want without us. But the people we love can. Because they are not part of us, because they are “others”.

Each of us is like a little circle that we draw on a sheet. And each little circle advances, in his life, on the path he chooses. Sometimes on this path he meets other small circles, and he can move forward with them. But, even if they go forward together, each follows his path, and they never become, even if they love each other, a single circle. That’s life ! The small circles must therefore learn to take advantage of the times when they are together, and to accept, without being sad, those when they are not. Conclusion? Tom and Tom’s boyfriend: two small circles each with a head, each his life and each his desires. Good life, little round Tom!

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