Why are there children who speak French poorly?

Your mom tells me, Zaïon, that you asked her this question a month ago, when foreign children arrived in your classroom. The answer is simple: these children speak French poorly because they come from a country where another language is spoken. They therefore speak the language of their country very well, but not yet that of ours. In the same way as you, Zaïon, you speak French very well, and not at all the language of the country of these children. You are therefore equal, but different. And this difference is a chance, because it can allow you to play together, at recess, a new game: the game of “what’s that called? “. You and your friends will be able to teach these children the French name of everything they see: windows, doors, walls… And this will allow them to make progress in our language very quickly. And, they will teach you what these things are called in their language. And this is going to be very useful to you, too. Because it will get you used to switching easily from one language to another, without being afraid of the ones you don’t know well. This will save you a lot of time when you start learning foreign languages ​​in college.

And then these children will also be able to tell you about their country, and maybe even show you photos … And the playground will become a big boat, to make lots of trips in his head, while waiting to make them, a day, for real. Have a good trip, Zaïon!

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