US after George Floyd assassination: lack of progress on police brutality issues creates discrepancies

The problem of police brutality in the US remains unsolved, despite social impulses and promises of action by the authorities. 2020 was known in this country – not only nationally, but also worldwide – as “the year of the denunciation of police brutality”, especially after the murder of the African-American citizen George Floyd and the great wave of protests that it unleashed.

Despite this massive movement and the political response it generated, new data calls into question a real progress in this regard. According to a recent account in The Washington Post, in the midst of the pandemic, the demonstrations and the impulses to reform that situation, shootings by the Police continued daily. More than 1,000 people died at the hands of the police in 2020, the highest number since that newspaper began to compile a database five years earlier.

It should be noted that the majority of the dead were armed and, in almost all cases, the police response has been officially declared justified. However, the analysis of the situation reveals the profound discrepancies generated by this issue in the United States.

Divergent opinions

On the one hand, there are those who assure that this is only the tip of the iceberg of an extreme response by the Police and that they also act with total impunity.

In this sense, recent research by the non-profit organization The Marshall Project and data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that since 2015 more than 400,000 people have been treated in emergency rooms after violent interaction with the police or security guards.

The young woman who recorded the murder of George Floyd reports that the Minneapolis Police killed her uncle

The young woman who recorded the murder of George Floyd reports that the Minneapolis Police killed her uncle

On the other hand, there are those who, although they defend investigating these cases, attribute greater police violence to a mere response to an increase in violence and crime. Not surprisingly, the homicide rate in the main cities has been increasing and so has the social perception.

In an Ipsos / USA Today survey of top citizen concerns, crime was listed first ahead of issues such as the pandemic, political polarization, climate change or immigration.

Lo que dicen Blue Lives Matter y Black Lives Matter

“I don’t think officers or security guards are going out and intentionally hurting people. The reports don’t take into account individuals who cause violence or demonstrate violence towards the public or officials, “says Joseph Imperatrice, founder of Blue Lives Matter.

In Imperatrice’s opinion, what is happening “is that more people are fighting, more people are resisting and more people are being violent towards those officers and security guards.”

For his part, Hawk Newsome, an activist for Black Lives Matter, says it breaks his heart “the number of people killed by the police last year.” “But I’m not surprised at all. Why? Because Barak Obama never addressed it, Donald Trump never minded addressing it and now we have Joe Biden who is not doing much about it. To the US government He does not care that the Police kill blacks and people of other ethnicities“, complaint.

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