Versetzung ins Ausland: Pfarrer stellte Mainstream-Narrative zu COVID-19 in Frage

Michael Ramm is a German Catholic pastor. Until recently he was responsible for supporters of the Catholic faith in the Ruhr area. His parishioners in the Catholic Church of St. Michael in Recklinghausen liked him. Ramm led the Sunday services every week and a mass in a different church every Thursday.

Church fined and banned from worship for violating COVID-19 restrictions

Church fined and banned from worship for violating COVID-19 restrictions

On August 24, 2021, however, three representatives of the parish council sent an outraged letter to the vicar general of the diocese of Münster, Father Klaus Winterkamp, ​​and to Bishop Rolf Lohmann, the auxiliary bishop responsible for the western part of the diocese. The Canadian news portal reports on it LifeSiteNews, who has received the letter. To declarations from LifeSite the signatories wanted to express “emphatically our outrage and horror” at the fact that Ramm criticized “the current zeitgeist” in his monthly newsletter to the parishioners. In his August / September newsletter, Ramm made statements such as the following:

“What do we think today about the zeitgeist that reigned in the Third Reich? And what will future generations say about our contemporary zeitgeist? (…) How will they judge this whole COVID panic in the future? How will future generations about this’ Judgment on voluntary compulsory vaccination? What will they say about completely healthy people being vaccinated with a genetic vaccine that people were murdered to make? What will people say later about the fact that vaccination puts the whole world at such an unnecessary risk today What will one say later about this gender ideology that everyone bows to today? Will it be celebrated in the future as a heroic deed that football stadiums are illuminated in rainbow colors? “

The representatives of the parish council described Ramm’s questions as “deliberate false statements and conspiracy myths,” so LifeSite. Obviously alluding to homosexuals or people who are confused about their gender, they stated that “there are discrimination against groups of people whom we as a community would like to openly meet”. The letter to the diocese of Münster complains that people who enter the church could see Ramm’s circular and feel attacked by it. It also says:

“We don’t want people who visit our church to be confronted with such statements. That contradicts how we as a congregation understand and live our Christianity here in this place. We want to be an open church, but hospitality stops there, where other people are hurt and discriminated against. “

Polish regional council votes in favor of maintaining the "LGBT-free zone"Polish regional council votes in favor of maintaining the "LGBT-free zone"

Polish regional council votes in favor of maintaining the “LGBT-free zone”

Vicar General Winterkamp then informed the district superior of the Priestbruderschaft St. Peter with – incidentally, he did not address the current superior, Pastor Stefan Dreher, but his predecessor, Pastor Bernhard Gerstle – that both the Münster Bishop Felix Genn “and I can understand the anger of the pastor and the committees”. Winterkamp said further:

“It is by no means acceptable that the proclamation is used as part of the liturgical celebration to express private opinions on the coronavirus pandemic or the COVID vaccine or other socio-political problems / challenges. In this context, it is completely unacceptable to accuse Pope Francis that he expresses his own opinion when the preaching of all things is used to convey private opinions. We certainly agree that the preaching of the Good News in the liturgy serves precisely this purpose: to proclaim the Good News and not our own Opinion, especially not on sociopolitical or medical issues. “

EU starts proceedings against Hungary and Poland over LGBTIQ rightsEU starts proceedings against Hungary and Poland over LGBTIQ rights

EU starts proceedings against Hungary and Poland over LGBTIQ rights

A spokesman for the Priestly Society of St. Petrus emphasized that the media would not comment on personnel issues, but stated that the management of the district had decided “to reorganize the responsibilities in the Recklinghausen apostolate in order to pacify the situation and pastoral care there to be able to maintain the brotherhood without restrictions in the future “, so LifeSite.

Jacek Spendel, a parishioner in the Catholic Church of St. Michael in Recklinghausen, said LifeSitethat Ramm will be transferred to the Czech Republic “this month”. This although he does not speak the language. Spendel explained:

“Father Michael brings up sensitive subjects, and not everyone likes that. Father Michael has never judged anyone, and he keeps telling us to be very careful about our judgments. He condemns sin, never the sinner. That is the experience that we had in the community. We are now without a shepherd. The community, which is very young and dynamic, does not deserve it. What Pastor Michael has built here in a very short time, how he has strengthened the unity – it’s incredible.”

Among other things, Ramm has founded a girls’ choir, started new catechesis programs and strengthened families, according to Spendel. The Spokesman for the Society of St. Peter declared aloud LifeSitethat there is “currently no final decision on future pastoral care in the apostolate in Recklinghausen”. Spendel said that a pastor from the brotherhood would drive 30 minutes from his home in Oberhausen every Sunday to celebrate mass in Recklinghausen, “which is a shame, since pastoral care from afar is very difficult and does not bring so much fruit”.

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