They ask to impute Laya in the 'Ghali case' after declaring his 'number 2' that he complied with the minister's orders

The popular prosecution of the case in which the entry into Spain of Brahim Ghali, leader of the Polisario Front, is being investigated, will ask the judge who is handling the case to accuse the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya.

This is what the lawyer will demand Antonio Urdiales. He explained it to the media this Monday after the statement in the Court of Instruction number 7 of Zaragoza of Camilo Villarino, the only high position at the moment investigated for the irregular entry of the Saharawi president.

The lawyer Urdiales has indicated to the media that Villarino has declared before the judge “He received a call from González Laya.” That he was acting under his orders when he contacted the Air Force to manage the landing of the plane at the military base.

Rafael Lasala, the examining magistrate, investigates the alleged illegal entry of Ghali into Spain through the Zaragoza Air Base, on April 18, to be later transferred in an ambulance to the ‘San Pedro’ Hospital in Logroño (La Rioja), where he was admitted until June 2, when he left Spain through the Pamplona airport (Navarra).

That episode, the decision to smuggle him into the country, incognito and carrying a false identity, was soon known to the Moroccan secret services. The monarchy has been at odds with the Polisario Front, and the knowledge of the fact caused a diplomatic crisis with Morocco and the largest avalanche of immigrants on Ceuta, since some 10,000 people crossed the border in just 24 hours later.

His registration under another name in the hospital in Logroño, as well as the opacity in the procedure by which he arrived in the national territory, roused the Alawite monarchy, to which Spain did not inform of this movement. For the moment, Morocco has already claimed the dismissal of Laya as a piece after these events.

Laya’s Call

During the statement, explains the lawyer, Villarino and Fernández Sánchez “have tried to substantiate the acts of legality.” The lieutenant general – Urdiales has stated – has affirmed that Villarino “did not tell him exactly who the passenger was” of the international flight that landed on April 18 at the Zaragoza Air Base.

The lawyer has pointed out: “If Foreign Ministry says that it has a diplomatic passport,” Defense “is not obliged” to demand that the holder of the document identify himself.

The right hand of Arancha González Laya, until a few weeks ago Minister of Foreign Affairs, acknowledged weeks ago before the judge that it was he who gave the order to order the entry of Brahim Ghali in Spain without any control of “customs or immigration“. As EL ESPAÑOL revealed, he did so “by phone”, he got in touch with the General Staff of the Air Force to warn of the arrival of the Algerian plane with the Saharawi leader inside.

Villarino, to manage the entry of the Polisario leader, spoke directly with the General Second Chief of the Air Staff, Francisco Javier Fernández Sánchez. He asked him, around half past five pm, two hours before the arrival of the aircraft, if it was necessary “that customs or immigration procedures should be carried out.” applicable, “acknowledged Villarino in a response to the judge. .

In another letter addressed to the head of court Fernández Sánchez, the Second Chief General of the Air Staff, assures that no administrative file was opened there. He also acknowledges that he was the link between Foreign Affairs and the Zaragoza Air Base when it came to managing the arrival of Ghali.

Departure from Spain

In addition to his entry without showing that he carried any type of documentation, Ghali’s departure from Spain also has the potential to become a matter for the magistrate of the case. As this newspaper progressed, left Spain on June 2 on a plane bound for Algeria demonstrating before the agents of the National Police that he did not carry any type of documentation that could identify him.

According to a report provided to the case investigated by the head of the Court of Instruction number 7 of Zaragoza, the agents of the Provincial Brigade of Foreigners and Borders That night, they were in charge of conveniently identifying all the people who were going to get on that plane that would take them to Algeria. Ghali was among them.

When proceeding with that control at customs, when they demanded his papers, like the rest of the passengers, he assured “that did not have any documentation”. He assured that he did not have any paper on him that could identify him. Despite this, the president was able to leave the national territory. This is in contrast to the version repeatedly offered by the Government. “Entry of Mr. Ghali was produced with documentation in your nameTherefore, the two extremes in which the question is concerned are meaningless ”, stated the Executive. In another reply to the same party, the Government asserted that “there were no regulatory impediments preventing Mr. Ghali from entering Spain.”


The lawyer Antonio Urdiales, who filed the complaint with the Zaragoza magistrate, has already requested the imputation of Villarino, after a detailed list of facts, that he be cited as investigated for the alleged crimes of prevarication, personal cover-up and embezzlement of public funds.

The lawyer has trusted that “all the circumstances” of Ghali’s visit to Spain will be clarified to determine “whether there was a cover-up or not” by the central government. He added that, long ago, the Polisario leader was investigated for terrorism and genocide. “Let them explain to us how he entered,” he insisted

He has also said that Ghali “has different identities” and that already in 1999 he entered Spain “with a false passport” and then, in 2003, “his residence was extended with another false passport”, to later open a nationality file. Spanish in which he appeared as Mustafá Ghali, born in the former Spanish province of the Sahara, while his passport indicates that he was born in Algiers (Algeria): “One of the two is false”, he has settled.

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