The trial for the femicide of Araceli Fulles begins in San Martín

The trial for the femicide of Araceli Fulles, the 22-year-old girl who in 2017 was found murdered in a house in the Buenos Aires town of José León Suárez, will begin today in the San Martín courts with eight defendants sitting on the bench, seven of them They were released and one was arrested yesterday when he went to vote, for threats to the mother of the murdered young woman and a witness in the same case.

During the first day of the debate in charge of the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 3 of San Martín, it is expected that Araceli’s father, mother and four siblings will declare, who will relate everything they were experiencing during the search for the young woman, According to the lawyer representing the family as a victim, Diego Szpigiel, told Télam this morning.

The boys who were at the barbecue where Araceli was before being attacked will also testify, added the lawyer, who said that in the meantime it will be seen whether or not the accused want to speak before the Court.

On the defendants’ bench will be the eight defendants in the case, seven of whom arrive at the trial in freedom and one of them imprisoned, since he was arrested yesterday when he went to vote, accused of threatening a witness and Araceli’s mother , Mónica Ferreyra.

“A few days ago he threatened the mother, he sent her a video walking through the neighborhood with a machine gun saying” there is a bullet for the whole family, “and he had also threatened one of the witnesses, Martín Guardia,” explained the lawyer Szpigiel.

The prosecutor in the case and Szpigiel asked that he be detained, and in order to ensure that he appears in the debate and to prevent him from conditioning any witness or misrepresenting the evidence, the court ordered the arrest, which took place in the same detention center. vote to which he attended, in a school in Villa Ballester.

At the same time, Szpigiel said, the case will be investigated for the threats to the mother, who will be in charge of another prosecutor’s office. The detainee is Carlos Casalz (39), who arrives at the accused trial together with Hernán Rodrigo Badaracco, Hugo Cabañas, Carlos Antonio Ibarra, Marcelo Escobedo, Daniel Alaniz and the brothers Jonathan and Emanuel Ávalos.

The accusation against the eight for “homicide aggravated by femicide and the participation of two or more people” will be in charge of the prosecutor of trial Mariana Piwarczuk.

Araceli (22) was found dead on April 27, 2017 under some rubble in the patio of the house of Darío Badaracco (31), located at Alfonsina Storni 4477, in José León Suárez, San Martín district, in the northwest of the conurbano. The young woman had been seen alive for the last time at dawn on April 2, 2017, in a square near her home, and the last contact with her family was at 7 in the morning of that day, when she sent her a message. to his mother saying: “Old woman, prepare things for the mate that I am going home.”

But Araceli never appeared and her body was found 25 days later after the intervention of dogs belonging to the Punta Alta Volunteer Firefighters. The autopsy determined that the young woman died of “mechanical asphyxia” due to “strangulation with a loop” with an element compatible with plastic seals. In the case, Darío Badaracco, brother of the accused Hernán Rodrigo, was the main detainee and died on April 13, 2019 after being hospitalized for five days in a hospital in the city of Olavarría, after being beaten and burned with water. horny by two cellmates in the Sierra Chica prison.

While the other eight defendants were released by the San Martín Appeals Chamber, which considered in September 2017 that due to the “inefficiency of the investigative system” the necessary evidence could not be obtained to prove their participation in the event.

The lack of the results of the expert reports, the poor preservation of the samples collected at the place where the body was found, and the spread of “false clues” were the arguments put forward by Carlos Hermelo, president of said court.

“It was known that there would begin to be threats and many things because they will want to prevent the trial of my daughter,” said Mónica Ferreyra, Araceli’s mother, this morning, referring to the detention of Casalz. The woman said that it is not something new, since according to her own family she has had “threats and intimidation” in these four years. “That they have taken the trouble to put it in a freezer and make the well as they did, only one did not do it, they are not innocent and all have a record,” added the mother of the victim.

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