The story of Woodie, a rare blooded greyhound who saved 88 dogs (and is now no longer able to donate)

After years of honored ‘career’ as a blood donor, Woodie the greyhound has made his last blood sample due to age restrictions. The dog, which possesses a rare and universal blood, donated 22 times in total for a total of about 10 liters, allowing veterinarians to save the lives of 88 dogs. For his latest donation he received a basket full of sweets, gifts and a certificate.

Woodie with his gift basket for his long career as a donor. Credit: Wendy Gray / Facebook

Exactly as it happens for the human beings, also dogs they may need one blood transfusion urgent, due to an accident, an illness or perhaps a particularly long and delicate surgery. Not all of our four-legged friends can donate their blood to any other dog, exactly as it happens to us, so that compatible and “universal” is particularly valuable. It is believed that about the 30 percent of dogs have this versatile (negative) blood, so they are the “most coveted” donors in veterinary facilities. A real champion of generosity, Woodie, a magnificent greyhound of race greyhound, has just retired after years of donating his own rare blood, which made it possible to save the life of Ben 88 dogs.

Her exciting story was told by owner Wendy Gray and the Pet Blood Bank UK, an organization that deals with the management of blood donated by dogs. Woodie, who is now 9, donated his own blood well 22 times since he was 3 years old. Since from each donation from 450 milliliters four dogs can be helped, hence the count of lives saved by Woodie (for a total of 10 liters of blood donated). He can no longer continue his generous career simply because he has just passed the age limit allowed by British law; dogs can in fact donate from 3 to 8 years, before and after it is not possible.

“To know that he has helped families in distressing situations… it’s amazing,” enthused Mrs Gray, who lives in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Woodie, says the woman, really loved to donate their blood, while dogs are usually “terrified” of visits to the vet, feeling anguish and fear for needles and other tests. When he arrived at the clinic for a new donation donation, Woodie would rush “to the person who came to meet him”. During the collection, the generous greyhound remained motionless on the table until the end of the operation and then stood up again, without showing any sign of stress. He loved the whole procedure and never had any adverse outcomes from the donation. “After four to eight hours he was ready for a walk,” Ms. Gray said.

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The English woman did not start donating canine blood with Woodie. As told to the British newspapers, it all started with his previous dog, Rio, when during a routine visit to the vet he noticed some flyers, in which the owners were encouraged to donate the blood of their pet. The real turning point, however, came precisely with the greyhound and its particularly precious blood. For his latest donation, as told by, Woodie received a special thank you basket, with various dog treats, a collar, shampoo, ceramic bowl and of course a certificate for his long work of generosity.

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