The FIA ​​puts Fernando Alonso as an example

The second sprint race in the history of Formula 1 has been somewhat boring. In it there were only points for the first three and those who did not aspire to it chose to maintain position instead of risking being relegated to the back of the grid for risking overtaking. However, despite the disappointment of the race, Ross Brawn, the sporting director of the SON, gave as an example Fernando Alonso.

If everyone ran the sprint as Fernando Alonso runs, with that spirit, I would be very happy”Said Ross Brawn. It should be noted that in the first sprint race, the Spaniard started eleventh and finished fifth after a spectacular start. He finally finished seventh after being overtaken by the two McLarens. At Monza, for his part, where it is more difficult to overtake than at Silverstone, Fernando Alonso gained two positions for Sunday, which the FIA ​​sporting director wanted to highlight.

Fernando Alonso’s proposal to the FIA

Fernando Alonso he is happy with the sprint races, although he will change the qualifying session on Fridays. Questioned after the sprint race of the Italian Grand Prix, he declared: “Okay as it is. The main race is Sunday. Today is Q4. I call it Q4. Yesterday we did Q1, Q2 and Q3, today was Q4 ”.

Last year I didn’t turn on the television for the second free practice session because I didn’t care.. I only saw the times, not the whole hour and a half and if I had been a spectator today, I would have turned on the TV just to watch the start and to see some action, “added the Spaniard.

Maybe this format is fun, but I still think that Fridays are the point that we really have to improve. With six sets of tires on Saturdays, in the end we will finish in the natural order of car performance and in Saturday’s sprint qualifying we will start at our position and finish at our position, but if Friday’s qualifying format is somewhat different or just one lap”Fernando Alonso continued.

For example yesterday in Q2 I blocked the tires in Turn 1 and with that lap, I would have started first today because I made a mistake and I would pay the price and maybe today I had a hard job to do and qualifying into the sprint would make sense, it would have a bit more spice. I think the same after Silverstone and after Monza. On Fridays we would have to change the natural order of the cars”, Ended the Oviedo.

Alonso, against the inverted grills

What Fernando Alonso you don’t want me to enter the SON they are the inverted grills, and not because they do not benefit you but because they go against the DNA of Formula 1. “I’d love for that to happen because I’m not in the fastest carBut if I was at Mercedes or Red Bull, I wouldn’t like it. It will always be difficult to reach an agreement on which would be the best grid in Formula 1 because it is something unfair. It’s fine for the junior classes, but maybe we lose the DNA of Formula 1 a bit, ”said the Alpine driver.

“It has always been this way in all these years and maybe it should stay that way. I have nothing against the fastest car winning races, but inverted grills might change how fair things are. But having a round for everyone is the same for everyone. It’s more stress, but everyone has the same opportunities. It is not unfair, it is only more complicated ”, concluded Fernando Alonso.

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