Terelu Campos cuts short Juanma Castaño's joke in bad taste in 'MC Celebrity'

The two faces that coincided on Telecinco have been, coincidentally, a cooking couple in the first test of ‘Masterchef Celebrity 6’. The two communicators have starred in a moment of tension because of an unfortunate joke by Juanma Castaño to Terelu Campos, which she has cut with a tremendous ‘slap’ that has left him speechless.

Among the brand new roster of celebrities who have dared to get into the kitchen of the Spanish Television culinary contest are Juanma and Terelu. The two television companies have had to prepare a dish with ingredients that were to their liking. She made some monkfish meatballs in sauce, a dish that by the way he prepared during ‘The Last Supper’, and he made a grilled sea bass with pasta and potatoes.

“If your intention with me is to go up, be careful what you say”

The chefs were about to evaluate the dish, but first Terelu had to taste what the sports journalist had cooked. “Have they ever won you over with a combo plate?”Pepe Rodríguez asked him, doubting Castaño’s elaboration due to the poor combination of the ingredients.

She did not have time to answer or to try when Juanma cut to hit him with the following comment: “Keep in mind where you come from, too …”. Terelu, with a surprised face, asked him what he meant. Many might think that he was saying it in reference to his work in the other chain in programs of the heart, but the sports presenter I was going by Pipi Estrada.

Juanma Castaño and Terelu Campos, in ‘MC Celebrity 6’. (TVE)

“Man, your past is your past …”, he insisted increasing the tension between the two. “How my past? I’m getting pissed off … I value this as shit to you! “, She replied with visible discomfort before taking the piece of fish to her mouth.” I did not mean that, Terelu! I meant that Your boyfriends, surely on the first date they wouldn’t make you a sea bass with pasta and potatoes“, he tried to rectify, with no luck.

However, far from getting angry, the former collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ counterattacked with the following ‘zasca’ that raised applause from all those present: “No, but maybe they did better things“And then, after finally tasting the seabass, he threw another ‘pulla’ as a gift:” The dish seems to me like some of his girlfriends … ok“.

“Things that are left over, get out!”: Jordi Cruz ‘tortures’ Juanma Castaño in ‘MC Celebrity’

Alvaro Roldan

“My intention with her is to go up”, the journalist from Cope recoiled again after the bad comments of the cooks for his first dish on the TVE program. Terelu took the opportunity, again, to make things clear: “Well, If your intention with me is to go up, be careful what you say“.

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