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  • Tania Llasera has made the reality of motherhood visible with a new post on networks

  • The writer has two children with Gonzalo Villar: Pepe and Lucía, five and four years old respectively.

  • The presenter feels that, sometimes, “being a mother consumes”

Tania Llasera she defines herself as a “creator and mother” woman. Through his social networks, where he reaches more than seven hundred thousand followers, he tries to give visibility to “what is normal, what is real and what is there”. Beyond the sizes, the physical appearance and her work as a communicator, the presenter has also become a reference for speaking openly about the less beautiful side of motherhood, the one in which sometimes “being a mother consumes”. “Sometimes you feel like a quarreling machine,” he explained in his last post on Instagram.

Tania Llasera, against Amancio Ortega for the sizes

Tania Llasera has two children, Pepe and Lucía, who is five and four years old respectively. The youngest, which she affectionately calls ‘Lulu’, has come out to her, a “curse” predicted by her mother and grandmother long ago. “I hope you have one like you, so you know what it is,” they said. “And it’s even worse, at four years old and I can’t handle her anymore”, has publicly confessed.

The presenter has reflected on that part of motherhood in which the woman gets “tired” of being “the bad cop”. “How repetitive it is to be a mother, sometimes you feel like a quarreling machine,” she said. Tania, who maintains a close and wonderful relationship with her mother, has turned to her to confess how complicated it is sometimes to be a mother: “She has told me in English: ‘Sometimes, you are the bitch you need me as a mother ‘, which is translated ‘Sometimes you’re the motherfucker you need to be like a mother’”. An answer that has reassured you and allowed you to realize that She is not “bad mother”, she is just “what I need to be at all times”.

Tania Llasera decided to stop exposing her children on social networks

This reflection on motherhood was illustrated with a photograph of her daughter Lucia dressed as a princess in her living room. But from behind, without showing his face. The first years of her motherhood, seeing the presenter’s children on Instagram was common, but that changed radically when Tania had to face a difficult situation publicly.

Some time ago, the writer was walking with her eldest son on the street when an anonymous person recognized him and called him by name. “The child was scared because he did not understand anything,” he explained recently on the podcast The Malasmadres Club. It was as a result of that clash when his partner and father of his children, Gonzalo villar, asked him to respect his anonymity. “As they are also my children, I prefer that you do not teach them. You have to protect them, lest something happen to them “he asked.

This decision, which he still respects today, has caused him the odd headache. Just a few months ago, in the middle of the pandemic, the presenter confessed that she wanted to teach the world to her children but was afraid. “How difficult it is to be a father with the temptation of social networks. You want to share good things and love, and you have to edit your life so that they do not appear. Minimize something so maxi in your life. How difficult it seems to me. They will be digital natives, but not being able to throw anything in our faces will be difficult. I hope to do well ”, he openly confessed.

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