Patricia Peiró, journalist of the Country: "Spain is a laboratory for organized crime"

At the beginning of August, two important Italian mafia bosses were arrested, two days apart, one in Madrid and another when he was going to travel to Malaga. He, Domenico Paviglianiti “The boss of the boss belonged to the Ndragheta pepperoni, she, Maria Licciardi, in the Neapolitan Camorra. Is it a coincidence that the main leaders of gangster groups are in Spain at the same time? The answer is clear and simple: no. For 25 years, the presence of these criminals has multiplied exponentially.

Patricia Peiró, journalist from The country and collaborator of Window has exposed how these criminals act. The main reason why Spain attracts gangsters so much is because of the similarity between boths countries: “Here they have the same lifestyle as in Italy, they are very close to their country, they feel good about the language and they feel close to their family, which is very important to them “.

Geographic location long ago and has been reflected in the pandemic. When other channels have fallen, drug trafficking has increased here. “Many speak that Spain is a laboratory of organized crime” has commented the periodsta. There is good raw material throughout the Spanish coastline, for brick and for cocaine. On the one hand, there is the possibility of trafficcar, and on the other, to recycle money.

The mafias that are rivals, collaborate here, since: “They consider themselves entrepreneurs who have emigrated together.” Also, in the case of being trapped in Italy, the prison stay would be much harder, andbecause there are specific conditions for gangsters, such as not being able to caress their children on visits.

In Spain they lead a normal life, without great luxuries. TO Domenico Weather in Paviglianiti they found him walking quietly through Cuatro Caminos: “It sure is the typical one who is said to always say hello.”

Javier is National Police inspector of the central UDYCO, specialized in mafias and He is the one who directed the operation in which he fell Domenico Weather in Paviglianiti. He has stated that what is becoming more visible over the years is police action: “we are closing more and more operations successfully”.

In Italy these criminals are considered quite dangerous so they work in the safest way possible since the gangsters “They have the ability to infiltrate all layers of the State, it is very difficult to see how far their tentacles reach.”

Several criminal groups of different nationalities such as Russian or Colombian come to Spain to make money and to be able to distribute it to the rest of Europe, where the benefits multiply. “Virtually all mafias have to do with drug trafficking.”

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