Martin Rütter: "Dog professional" bursts the collar - "How sick do you have to be?"

Martin Rütter: “Dog professional” bursts the collar – “How sick do you have to be?”

13.09.2021 at 8:00 p.m.

Martin Rütter is known for his Vox show “Der Hundeprofi”.

Martin Rütter is known for his Vox show “Der Hundeprofi”.

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Martin Rütter is as”Dog professional”Normally deeply relaxed when working with humans and animals.

But then there are also moments when the “Dog professional” sometimes gets loud. Now brought Martin Rütter an advertising sign for a provider of cattle transports really pissed the TV star off.

Martin Rütter: His collar bursts at an advertising sign

On the sign you can see the drawing of a pig in suspenders and bra. The animal looks lasciviously at the reader. It also wears a wig. Next to the drawn sow, the words “Transport with passion” can be read.


This is Martin Rütter:

  • Martin Rütter was born on June 22, 1970 in Duisburg
  • He studied sports science
  • Then Martin Rütter trained as an animal psychologist
  • In 2008 Vox started his own program “Der Hundeprofi”
  • Meanwhile, Rütter also moderates the RTL show “Martin Rütter – The Puppies Are Coming”
  • He has written several books about training dogs
  • Rütters new shows “Heroes on Four Paws” and “Der Hundeprofi – Rütters Team” are running on the Vox broadcaster.
  • Martin Rütter runs several dog schools


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An absolute no-go for Martin Rütter. He shares a photo of the billboard on Instagram and writes: “Hi guys, on the way to the doctor this morning, this car was in front of me. Seriously: HOW SICK DO YOU HAVE TO BE to smack such advertisements on your car ??? How little respect can one have for living beings to choose such a drawing and the slogan ‘Transport with passion’ ??? Just shameful. “

Martin Rütter: Followers of the dog professional are pissed off

An opinion that not only Martin Rütter, but also his followers share. A fan of the ‘dog professional’ writes under the post: “A great achievement to combine misogyny and animal hostility in such an unaesthetic way. In order to get it that way, they certainly had to make an effort. ”And another follower adds:“ I get really sick with something like that. ”

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At the request of this editorial team, the company that placed the advertisement commented. “I run this company in the fourth generation. The company has been around since 1936 and we have always been pioneers in animal welfare. The drawing and the accompanying lettering should only be a pun, ”explains managing director Daniel Kellers.

At the same time, however, Kellers is ready to talk. “If Mr. Rütter would like to talk to me about the subject, I would be happy to do so,” said Kellers.


More about Martin Rütter:


Despite, or perhaps because of, his, apparently sometimes quick-tempered temperament, ‘dog professional’ Martin Rütter is very popular with his fans. So popular that they can look forward to THIS dog trainer project in September.

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