Magnificent and rare white swallow sighted in the Circeo National Park: the splendid images

On the afternoon of Friday 10 September, the naturalist photographer Giancarlo Bernardi came across a splendid white swallow, spotted and immortalized near a brackish lake in the Circeo National Park. The rare specimen is affected by a genetic condition known as leucism, characterized by a defect (or lack) of the enzyme that produces the pigment. Here are the wonderful shots of the swallow with white plumage.

The white swallow. Credit: Giancarlo Bernardi

There are less than ten days before the arrival of theAutumn, and to remind us that theestate is ending, in addition to the date on the calendar and the most pleasant temperatures, there are also i skies more empty e silent. These days, in fact, the migratory birds that svernano in Africa – like the colorful ones bee-eaters, i house martins and the rondini – they are gathering in more or less numerous flocks to prepare for the long and fascinating journey that awaits them, moving away from the places where they have nested and lived in the past months. Observing a small group of swallows still present at the Circeo National Park, the naturalist photographer Giancarlo Bernardi he noticed the presence of a specimen rare e magnificent, with the plumage completely White. Having the camera with him, he was able to immortalize this truly exceptional encounter, certainly lucky, but also the son of one passion cultivated with constancy and perseverance. There nature, after all, he always has something wonderful to offer us.

The white swallow posing.  Credit: Giancarlo Bernardi

The white swallow posing. Credit: Giancarlo Bernardi

The sighting took place on the afternoon of Friday 10 September, near the Fogliano Lake, the largest of the coastal lakes of the Pontine plain, known for its richness biodiversity and especially for the spectacular avifauna. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most loved places in Lazio – and beyond – for those who love to admire and photograph birds in their natural habitat. “Nature photography pushed me to observe behaviors and habits even before pressing that button that stops time”, he told fanpage the photographer, commenting on the scene that appeared before his eyes. “A dozen common swallows flew low and then landed on a cable; one in particular caught my curiosity, a completely white swallow. After the moment of amazement, I looked for the conditions to document that unrepeatable moment, given the rarity of the subject ”, Mr. Bernardi added with emotion. You can see the splendid result of his shots between the paragraphs of this article.

The white swallow.  Credit: Giancarlo Bernardi

The white swallow. Credit: Giancarlo Bernardi

As specified by the photographer, the one immortalized is one common swallow (Hirundo rustica), belonging to the species that has animated the Italian skies since last spring and which is now about to abandon (obviously only for a few months). The spectacular white plumage, replacing the classic dark blue with details greyish e rossi, is in fact the result of a genetic condition call leucism, due to a defect or lack oftyrosine enzyme responsible for the production of melanin. It differs fromalbinism complete since for example theeye it does not turn pink, but retains its typical color. In properly albino animals, the pigment ofiride, thus allowing you to observe the color of the blood vessels behind it (hence the pink tint). Furthermore, looking closely at the photographer’s shots, we also notice that a reddish-orange trace has remained on the throat, which in common swallows is typically red, as shown in the photo below.

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A swallow with its typical plumage.  Credit: Andrea Centini

A swallow with its typical plumage. Credit: Andrea Centini

The one spotted at Lake Fogliano is not the first white swallow immortalized, but it is certainly one rarity that we were able to admire thanks to the passion and readiness of Giancarlo Bernardi, whom we thank for sharing his splendid photographs with us.

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