In the first place, we publicly apologize to the director of the museum of our Historical House and to the authors of the questioned exhibition, alluding to a deplorable event that occurred 50 years ago, and carried out by the terrorist organization Montoneros. And we apologize because our ignorance does not allow us to fully appreciate the “art” that this work wants to express. For us, and for thousands of Tucumanos (and perhaps millions of Argentines) it is only the recreation of a reprehensible act of vandalism, which at the time, as it happens now, outraged the entire citizenry. Particularly, as a monterizo, we never imagined that our most typical handicraft (the randa) would be used in such a despicable work. If the idea of ​​the museum director was to “rake” history, as a way to also remember the negative part of it, there are hundreds of places where you could have gone with the rake, and not precisely to our venerated homeland. Seeing the name of this nefarious gang of vulgar murderers (“The soldiers of Perón”, as someone called them), written again on the white walls of the sublime historical monument, insults the memory of our founding fathers, who gave their lives to give us the nation that we have today. The same gang, which after provoking the ire of Perón himself, shouting: “What’s up, what’s up, what’s up General, the popular government is full of gorillas!”, Was thrown out of the Plaza de Mayo, insulting them as “stupid beardless.” And he said it to contextualize the moment we were living, behind armored glass. The subsequent madness and the bloodbath of thousands of innocents (and not so much) that came from the hand of another gang, the right-wing “Triple A” and then the bloody military dictatorship, is another nefarious legacy that Peronism left to the recent Argentine history. Perhaps nothing is a coincidence, considering that in the current national government there are senior officials who were members of this group, such as the present Minister of Defense, to the humiliation of our Armed Forces. As there is no harm that does not come, it may all serve so that the young Peronist militancy, especially the boys of “La Cámpora”, know the dark side (which of course they will never tell them), of the champions of justice Social.

Ricardo A. Rearte

Pasaje Díaz Vélez 66


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