The judge imputes to Laya's right hand that allowed Ghali to bypass customs

The former chief of staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Camilo Villarino, declared this Monday as an under investigation for the uncontrolled entry of the Polisario leader, Brahim Ghali, in Spain. In the statement before Judge Rafael Lasala, Villarino has assured that the minister knew the identity of the patient who, from Algeria, entered Spain without customs control. According to his version, it was the former minister who called him and told him that “it has been decided to admit Ghali to Spain.” In addition, she has told the judge that she does not believe that the former minister made that decision herself.

Villarino was in charge of preparing Ghali’s arrival in Spain without “customs or immigration” control. This is clear after analyzing the chain of WhatsApp messages exchanged between the former right-hand man of González Laya and the second general chief of the Air Staff, Francisco Javier Fernández Sánchez. In these messages the lieutenant general asks: “Do you want customs and / or immigration procedures to be carried out?” The diplomat answers sharply: «No».

Villarino also does not inform in these messages about the identity of the person who would land at the Zaragoza military base. He only indicates to the military command that he had a diplomatic passport to avoid controls. «Unless changes, only the patient, with an advanced degree Covid, and the accompanying child should disembark. According to my information, the patient travels with an Algerian diplomatic passport and his son has some type of residence permit in Spain. In any case, this is not a problem and it is not the responsibility of the Air Force. Whoever has to know it already knows it »(sic), says Villarino.

Judge Lasala suspects that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs used the Ministry of Defense for Brahim Ghali to enter Spain without control. For this reason, according to sources consulted, the former number 2 of Laya allegedly concealed the identity of the Polisario leader in command of the military. All this, according to the same sources, “had the approval of Pedro Sánchez, he was the direct promoter of the plan.”

Orchestrated from the Government

González Laya’s cabinet was the direct promoter of the plan to have Brahim Ghali hospitalized in Logroño without identification at Customs or Immigration. In fact, that cabinet was the one that prepared the device to bypass controls in case of problems in traffic. Despite these efforts, Morocco learned of his presence in Spain, causing an unprecedented diplomatic crisis.

Ghali landed at the Zaragoza military base after flying in a medical aircraft from Algeria. His next stop was the San Pedro de Logroño Hospital, but there he entered under a false name so as not to be identified. The leader of the Polisario Front entered through a military base, which, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, would allow maximum discretion. However, their plans were thwarted after it was discovered that the leader of the Polisario Front was in Spain.

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