'La voz 2021': the return of Malú (and reunion with Bisbal), the debut of Pablo Alborán and the 'piques' of the coaches

Antena 3 launches this Friday, September 17, at 10:00 p.m., the new edition of ‘La voz’. The internationally successful talent show returns to Atresmedia Televisión under the baton of Eva González and with Alejandro Sanz and Luis Fonsi as repeating coaches at this stage in the aforementioned network. Malú returns to the format after disengaging when he closed in Telecinco while Pablo Alboran becomes the great signing.

From his set, located at the headquarters of Atresmedia in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, the world’s greatest musical television show has presented its news to the media (including El Confi TV, El Confidencial’s television section), giving the coaches and the presenter a turn to speak, who have been excited and even excited to see the first images of ‘The voice 2021’.

Malú: “I’m coming back because it’s my home”

Malú, one of the most prominent Spanish artists on the music scene, has confessed that she is returning to a new ‘Voice’, but with the same family: “I return because it is my home. It is true that at the time I had an injury and had to cancel everything, then life got complicated with a pandemic and those things, but the truth is that as soon as I could, seeing that they still loved me and so did I, here I am. “

Malú returns to the talent show. (Atresmedia Television)

Pablo confesses what led him to accept the proposal: “One of the things I said yes is because there really is little place for music on television these days. This place not only gives the opportunity to have live music and know the story behind each song, we can also talk and share our music, which in the end is our job as well. But I’m mainly here to contribute and help the contestants. ”

Luis Fonsi explains how it feels to work again in Spain: “It’s refreshing and it fills me with a lot of inspiration. From the voices I hear, the songs, what we speak in front of the camera, but also behind. It is a very beautiful experience and the people in your house will feel it “.

Sanz: “The voice ‘is now completely different”

Alejandro Sanz appreciates the changes that the program has undergone in these years: “It is true that now it is much more dynamic than since the first time I did it in Mexico, more complex than what only talent was looking for. Now it is completely different. But what What should not be forgotten is that those who are on stage are artists who come with their stories, which we do not know … and they arrive with all their desire and enthusiasm. I believe that this edition, with heart in hand, is the best to date. I am delighted and happy to be here. “

Photograph during the press conference. (Atresmedia Television)

As for the piques already common among coaches, as there are options such as ‘block’ or ‘steal’, Malú does not doubt it: “There is always ‘salseo’ at the end in ‘La voz’ because we are four artists wanting the same contestant, but in the end something of truth escapes out there [risas]”, even declaring with the same joking tone, how he has” enjoyed “the option of preventing his teammates from turning to a specific talent.

Malú denies bad vibes with David Bisbal

The only woman on the team, when asked about her relationship with David Bisbal, with whom she will meet again when the ‘advisers’ arrive (the Almerian will team up with Luis Fonsi) after the remembered fight they had years ago, takes away all the iron of the world, while Sanz jokingly affirms that it was a full-blown fight: “I was left in the hand with a few curls and he with a few extensions [risas]. We did fight, but we reconciled very quickly, that same day. It was a gigantic misunderstanding between the two of us and now it wouldn’t happen to us. AND Although you would love for me to say no, I have been very good with David, in fact, we have arranged to eat this week “.

Eva González, relaxed with the subject hearings

Eva González, shares how she feels about the premiere when competing with ‘Got talent’ on Telecinco: “I really want people to see the work we have done, the hours we spend here and the enthusiasm with which we do everything. Obviously the next day I look at the audience to see how much we have done. That I am very happy if we win? Of course, but I am not saddened if the data is lower than the competition, I tell you from the heart. I know we are doing such a beautiful show, so clean, so familiar … that I just hope people see it and appreciate it like that. For the rest, the data speak, but hey, let them speak what they want as almost always in life. ”

Pablo Alboran makes his debut in ‘La voz’. (Atresmedia Television)

The news

During the ‘Blind Auditions’ the coaches will be able to listen to the contestants selected in an exhaustive casting that has traveled through different Spanish cities (more than 1,200 applications have arrived). Each coach will select 14 applicants to form their team and proceed to the next phase with the best voices (out of the 100 auditions). In the Blind Auditions they will fight with all their weapons. Taking advantage of the three blocks that each coach has, they will be able to snatch some talent from their teammates. This will give them more interaction with each other. They will also be able to give a second chance to a single talent during the entire edition and who will be able to audition again to get a place in ‘La Voz’. Those selected will go to The Great Battle, in which each coach will have to cut their team in half, leaving only 7 talents.

Miriam Rodríguez returns with ‘The Return’

It is an innovative digital format that comes from the hand of Grupo Catalana Occidente. Will have again Miriam Rodríguez as the fifth coach and will have the objective of giving a second chance to discarded contestants by the coaches on set in the different phases of the program. After each gala of ‘La Voz’ on Antena 3, a new installment of ‘El Regreso’ will be available on ATRESplayer. On the Atresmedia platform, viewers will be able to discover how Miriam Rodríguez works with the talents before their duel, their opinions and decisions, which will directly affect the deliveries of the original format.

Miriam Rodríguez. (Roberto Sastre)

Miriam Rodríguez, who was already an advisor to ‘La Voz’, returns to the program as the fifth coach to be in charge of deciding who has that second chance. He will be forming his own team, giving a second option to some voices that, otherwise, would have been left without a place. The talents chosen to have this new opportunity will face each other during the ‘Blind Auditions’, ‘Assaults’ and ‘Battles’ phases. At the end of all these confrontations, it will be decided who competes on equal terms in the final phase of ‘La Voz’.

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