"I am a daughter of the digital;  the pandemic did not stop me"

In the last local summer, during one of the sanitary windows that was opened in the pandemic in the Southern Cone, one of the figures of the nobility of Spanish-speaking urban music He was incognito in Buenos Aires. Came to record with Nico Cotton, producer and hitmaker of stars on the Argentine scene. Although it was one of the actions of Princess Alba to define the plot of his debut album, the so-called “Queen of the Chilean trap” she contained her anxiety and decided to hold off the launch until further notice. Or until life could be naturalized in times of coronavirus.

But the wait is over. Last Friday, under his alter ego, Trinidad Riveros uploaded Kisses, take care of yourself. “As it was my first full length, I had high expectations with myself “, she explains from the Chilean capital.” I wanted to take a long time until it was well finished and I was sure it was time to get it out. ” the preparation and recording lasted a year and a half, the repertoire also includes lyrics and demos from 2017, when he started his career, and 2018.

“I don’t know how to measure it, but I like to assume that this album is everything that happened to me in my career“he says.” I had all of this in storage, and now I had the opportunity to work on it. “But this successor to the EP From the sky (2018) does not stop being a disk crossed by the pandemic. “As I finished composing in the confinement, I realized that I was ready to release my first album,” she evokes. “At first I was afraid because I had to invest a lot of time, head and soul. Although later I felt that there was both a musical and personal maturation. “

The name of the song that titles the album not only alludes to the closing of a sociocultural era, but also emotional. “It’s an irony; it has to do with the end of one relationship and the beginning of another. It is a manifesto of how far to set limits, and meet one. Now I am in love with myself, and that makes me happy. It’s an autobiographical letter about what happened to me in a pandemic. “

What’s more, Kisses, take care faithfully rescues the sensations and emotions of the youth of the neighboring country during the social outbreak of 2019 and 2020, who opted in the writing of a new constitution. “That outburst permeated all social and cultural layers in Chile, and in us as people. There is a before and after“acknowledges Princess Alba.” We began to stop looking more at individuality, to feel part of a group, society and the common good. While I don’t do protest songs, there is a high level of empowerment and lyrics that have a lot to do with meeting. In the social outburst, we finally meet.”

► The four horsemen

The first full-length album of the trans-Andean popstar has 11 songs with production by the aforementioned Nico Cotton (Nicki Nicole, Wos, Louta), also from Argentina Evlay (Wos, Acru, Tiago), from Chile Pablo Stipicic (Rubio, Javiera Mena, Gianluca) and from Spanish Alizzz (C. Tangana, Rosalía, Paloma Mami). There is also featurings by the Argentine Ms. Nina, the Brazilian Duda Beat and the Spanish Pimp Flaco. “Their proposals accompanied me in the process,” admits Trini. “As I already had the songs ready, I had to find the right artist so that he could join. The most important thing to collaborate is that I admire someone a lot, and I’m a fan of them.”

Princess Alba is not itchy on choose as your favorite subject to Simply, for which Pimp Flaco lent his voice, and which Evlay took care of. “The influences are The xx and Beach House, but mixed with well-marked trap and synths. He even has some half My Bloody Valentine guitars. “

Against the sheet that hangs, The 24-year-old architect has a great fascination for transgressing gender boundaries. “If I go through a lot of sounds, it’s because I don’t believe in genres. Especially in music,” he says. “Music is music, but pop is the backbone of the album. It is a pop fantasy that mixes with all the references that I like.”

► The hyperpop that was born from a meme

Although more than pop, This brand new illustrious Colo-Colo fan is hyperpop. “Some time ago I looked for its definition and it said that it was born with Charli XCX and Hannah Diamond, but for me Miranda! did it before“He reflects.” From there it exists in my head, and it mixes a lot with what I hear now. It’s pop at its best, and I love it because it’s danceable.”

– Do you renounce the throne they gave you in urban music?

I do not trap. It would be very boring if my references were just that or dembow. It seems to me that mixing reggaeton with shoegaze is one of the coolest things that can happen. My music is something that has no labels. Since I started, my career consisted of removing the stigmata. I started out being a viral in Chile, and I carried the stigma of being that or a meme. If in that way I am removing labels or breaking stigmas, it will be great. But if not, I’ll keep doing my thing.

Funk carioca, house, techno and bossa nova are some of the other styles that Princess Alba began to dialogue with the cosmogony of urban music. Menjunje that apparently did not detract from its popularity, if we contrast it with hits of the caliber of Convincing, which reached 20 million listens on Spotify. And is that this artist is one of the new cultural icons of his country.

“I am a daughter of digital, so it was easy for me to remain active in a pandemic”, confess this fan of The Minor Leagues, Louta, Bandalos Chinos and Ca7riel. “Even though I have a home studio, I need to work with meat and bone producers. Although everything fell apart around me, I was able to continue doing what I like. If this hadn’t happened, my album would have been different. “

For all this, Princess Alba has all the conditions to become the Javiera Mena of the Chilean centennials. “She is another super important reference. I listened to her records in my adolescence,” he asserts. “I would love to do things together. It is very heavy to share the same time and space with her. I consider myself a daughter of his, of Gepe, Denver and the rest of Chilean pop.”

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