"Has done more in first class than Pedri has done": the explosion of Vinicius and his role in this Real Madrid

Free Bar Monday at SER Deportivos after the premiere of the Bernabéu, with an exhibition by Benzema and Vinicius, and the gray debut of Antoine Griezmann with Atlético de Madrid. In addition, Real Madrid has communicated that Bale will be out for several weeks due to a muscle injury and that Marcelo, also with discomfort, is left off the list to face Inter in the Champions League. With Pacojó at the helm and with Antón Meana, Miguel Martín Talavera, Manolete, Antonio Romero and Jordi Martí, SER Deportivos analyzes the current situation in sport.

Gareth Bale injury

Meana: “That this Madrid loses Bale seems to me to be bad news and an important loss.”

Romero: “It is not a question of whether it looks good or bad. It is a question of data. Bale has never been able to play two games a week. Last year he trained to play for Wales. This year he wanted to try, but not it’s possible. When you quit, getting back to the highest level is not easy. “

Romero: “Bale neither can, nor has, nor will he be able to sustain Madrid’s attack this season.”

Talavera: “I think Bale is young. To suggest that he will not be able to play elite football …”.

The Vinicius explosion

Jordi Martí: “Vinicius played a good game, but I would ask for a bit of caution and prudence. We cannot say yet that we are facing a star. For it to be a star, we must have more regularity. It is not going to be that this is a shower”.

Talavera: “I join in on this, but Jordi would tell you to apply it to yourself. Every time a Masía player makes his debut, Xavi and Iniesta return. I ask you for caution, let’s all apply it to ourselves.”

Meana: “You repeat this every 2-3 weeks. Vinicius didn’t make his debut yesterday. Vinicius doesn’t have to show anything match by match. He starts at Real Madrid.”

Romero: “I have never said that I was not a player for Real Madrid, what I have said is that Vinicius was not a golden ball. I agree on prudence. Vinicius has done more in the first division than Pedri has done. Pedri has risen from the day he debuted, but Vinicius, to this day and at this time, has done more than Pedri. He has been more decisive. “

Manolete: “Vinicius is a success for Ancelotti. What does Mbappé need? We already have Vinicius at Real Madrid and in the Spanish league.”

Zidane and his departure from Madrid

Meana: “I have not yet found any Real Madrid player who says they miss Zidane. I see people happy with Ancelotti. I don’t notice Real Madrid affected by the change of coach. It’s as if they didn’t remember who was coaching Madrid” .

Romero: “Let them take a tour of the Bernabéu museum and see the four European cups that Zinedine Zidane has won with Real Madrid.”

Talavera: “People don’t remember Zidane because a coach, when he marks an era, not just the mark with cups. The mark with football and with a trend. Breaking into the history of the clubs. There are coaches like Cruyff, Luis Aragonés or Simeone who have done that. Zidane, in terms of football, has not left any inheritance “.

Romero: “Zidane is the only coach in history who has achieved what you call the triplets. He is the only coach in the world who has that (…) Let’s not talk about how he played, because I imagine that Cholo did not then it will mark the history of Atlético de Madrid “.

Romero: “To say that Zidane is not in the history of Real Madrid is to laugh at the listeners.”

Is there a Marcelo case?

Meana: “Asking if Marcelo is settled is not nonsense. Herráez already said it yesterday. Yesterday he left very angry. That they leave him out of the call, if he is not injured, he is sentenced.”

Romero: “Ancelotti has two left backs: Miguel Gutiérrez and Mendy (…) Marcelo has wanted to be placed, but since he has a very high contract they have not been able to. It is a punch to the chin to the footballer.”

Meana: “They respect Marcelo for what he was, but he’s been out of the team for a long time. He can’t fool his teammates. They know he wasn’t a good captain during Solari’s stage. They won’t beat him down, but no it is an internal war that is not summoned “.

*** The club has announced that it has some discomfort. He played the last minutes against Celta.

The victory of Atlético and Griezmann

Talavera: “The one who made the changes and reacted was Cholo Simeone.”

Jordi Martí: “If he changed, it is because he had to correct”.

Talavera: “The discount is proven that it was what it had to be.”

Romero: “I absolutely agree with the discount. It seems great to me that they give us that time back. But this measure of Talavera, I imagine it will be extrapolated to being with Real Madrid in between.”

Manolete: “The referee made an anthological swing, because the goal that fits, the corner should never have occurred. The ball hits the post.”

Talavera: “Griezmann was gray, like the team the whole time he played. I think the starting system didn’t work, neither Correa nor Griezmann were to be found.”

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