Guillermo Source: "We don't just sell healthy food, we sell a lifestyle"

13/09/2021 – 13:18

Aloha Pok, the chain responsible for introducing Hawaiian poks in Spain, presents its new brand image that includes a new logo, fonts, corporate colors and decoration of the spaces. On the occasion of his 4th anniversary, we spoke with Guillermo to tell us about Aloha Pok’s latest movements.

What is Aloha Pok?

Aloha Pok is the first pok restaurant in Madrid and the first organized restaurant chain of its kind in Spain. As of today we have 25 stores and we offer a fast and healthy food service, both locally and at home, such as take away, throughout the country.

Where did the idea of ​​creating a company with a product practically unknown in our country come from?

I met the product personally while I was working in the United States, first as a consumer, I became a fan of the product and quickly together with my partner Carlos we began to think about how much we liked the product in order to bring it to Spain. We saw that there was nothing and, at first, as a somewhat crazy idea, we began to think how we could do, how we could bring this new concept and then it took such a shape that there came a time when we got serious; I returned from the United States, we developed a business plan with a financial and marketing plan that we presented to a bank in search of financing and with the little money we had saved, as we launched the project.

The bank liked it quite quickly, they told us that it would take about a month or a month and a half to answer and practically a week later they had already said yes. At that moment, a change of chip occurred for us in which we did not realize that the idea was not so crazy and could make sense and since then we are very happy with the reception it has had.

How is it possible that a product that is not the typical ‘fast food’ associated with ‘delivery’ companies is so successful in such a short period of time?

Well, because of the characteristics of the plate; we thought a bit the same. For us it was clear what the advantages and characteristics of the dish are, but of course, it was not a new concept of hamburgers or pizza, which are products that people already know and although you can have your innovative way of doing it, it is a well-known product. by potential clients.

We had to show them what we were going to sell. But thanks to the characteristics of the plate, which is a plate of fast, healthy food, there was no such combination of any product that was on the market at that time; It is also versatile, because you can eat it both locally, to take away, or for food delivery and it is a product that you can customize to your liking. Therefore, today, people are already more knowledgeable about the nutrients in products, they know what to eat, they know what not to eat, how to combine them, what kind of products have to be cooked in a certain way; It is something that people value very much, being able to create their own plate.

You also boast of having the first 100% sustainable restaurant, how did you do it?

That’s right, for us from the outset the offer had to be consistent. It is useless if we sell a healthy lifestyle, with healthy food, if we do not take care of the rest of the factors later. We don’t just sell healthy food, we sell a lifestyle. So, in that sense, the first thing for us was to have the rest of the offer. We also have healthy food in our drinks, as in our starters, as in our desserts, as in our snacks. As you can see, they are very different products from what is in other fast food restaurants. But we decided to go one step further. In view of the delivery product that we had, we saw that there was a lot of disposable and, although at first our disposables were made of recycled Pet, which is a very good material, it is the plastic with the highest degree of recyclability there is, but We thought we could go a little further and decided to investigate, see what biodegradable products could be so that, if we had to use disposables, as in the case of Delivery, it would at least be biodegradable.

You have recently completed your fourth anniversary. What goals do you set for yourself now in the medium-long term?

For us it is an important date, we have been developing a new expansion strategy throughout this pandemic year. Let’s come from 3 years in which we have been growing, especially with a franchise model, in which we also continue to open our own stores, but most of them were franchises. As of today we have 25 stores, of which 18 are franchises and we want to turn the tables a bit, now that we have the capacity and the economic strength to be able to face a more aggressive expansion project on our part of opening more stores. own.

Therefore, for these next 3 years we have proposed the opening of 30 own stores, at 10 per year, and the idea is to create a strong chain, with a lot of control by the central and that is coherent and you can have exactly the same both in Madrid, as in Barcelona, ​​as in Seville or as in Bilbao.

You are quite recognized in social networks, you are the pok brand with the most followers on Instagram, with more than 58,000 followers; In Tik Tok you also have a lot of repercussion, with millions of reproductions and hundreds of thousands of ‘likes’, how important is this presence in social networks for the brand?

Well, it’s interesting because, for us since before April, we knew that our audience and our main communication channel had to be Instagram; neither Facebook, nor Twitter, at that time Tik Tok had not exploded. Our dishes and our premises are designed in such a way that they are very recognizable, very photogenic and above all ‘Instagrammable’ so to speak.

We want our consumers to be our speaker, the forerunners of our brand. So we also created corners in the premises that were instagrammable. Therefore, since before April we created the account, we began to share content and then people have been the ones who have made us grow. We give them ideas to upload photos of the dishes, photos of themselves in the place and the people who come usually always take a photo, either with a plate, or with one of our products.

And Tiktok, since you mentioned it, because obviously it is the new fashionable social network and we want to be one of the first restaurants to enter this social network and that is how it has been, I do not know if there is any other pok restaurant that has it. Since then, we have spent several months investing time and resources in launching it and creating dynamic content, very different and much more relaxed than the one we generate on Instagram.

You are immersed in a brand image change process when you have only been operating for 4 years and it may seem like a change that is too accelerated, why is this change?

Yes, everything goes a bit hand in hand with the expansion plan that we have and a bit of the change of chip that we have been raising during all this time of the pandemic. We have had time to rethink things, to organize ourselves, to see where we want to go and see how to attack. It is true that with 4 years not many brands consider a restyling, or a rebranding, or both like us; But it is also true that we started with few resources, we were the first brand, all the graphic image and decoration that we have in our stores is the same today as in 2017 and we believe that there was a significant point of improvement. We are in another position and we believe that both our image and our graphic design, as well as the decoration of our premises, must be up to par and correspond with that image and positioning that we currently have.

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