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  • Eda and Serkan have begun to live together by decision of the judge

  • The couple will be tested and will make a bet to see who is lying.

  • Do not miss your appointment with Eda and Serkan: Monday to Friday at 5:45 p.m.

The coexistence between Eda and Serkan has begun. In the next chapter of ‘Love is in the air’ we will discover that that move of the businessman to his ex’s house did not sit well with Mrs. Deniz, who walks nails with the landscape architect. “I don’t know what you have but everyone likes you,” says the hotel owner, who, after commenting that she has rejected an interview on her behalf in an important international media, confronts Eda’s assistant and fires him.

Very upset with her and aware of her interest in Serkan, Eda will make a decision that can change everything. “In that case I resign. I have endured enough his whims and his lack of professionalism. I’ve tolerated a lot, “he tells Mrs. Deniz, who inadvertently could have made it easier for the couple to spend more time together now that Eda is not working on the hotel project.

While, Aydan will keep trying to turn little Kiraz into a real Bolat. “See, this means being a real Bolat. Don’t waste your energy on unpleasant tasks,” she tells the girl, who doesn’t quite know what her grandmother means.

Coexistence begins

After hearing the judge’s decision, Eda and Serkan begin living together immediately. And it won’t be easy. “Don’t get your hopes up, you’ll be leaving in two days,” Eda tells him, proposing to place a bet. “If I catch you in a lie you will leave immediately,” he tells his ex, who raises the ante and says that If he catches her lying, he will stay there for two weeks. Who will win?

Eda and Serkan’s bet

Eda’s confession to Kiraz

As if it were not enough to deal with Serkan, little Kiraz becomes, without knowing it, her father’s best ally to win the bet. “Do you love Serkan Bolat, mom?”, She says to her mother, who is forced not to lie, she confesses. “Of course I love your mother very much because he is an honest, intelligent and sensitive man. But sometimes, when there is a problem, he hides,” she tells Eda, who will be very surprised when her daughter tells her that parents sleep in The same room.

Eda and Serkan, putting their daughter Kiraz to bed

The romantic dawn of Eda and Serkan

Serkan does not miss the opportunity and although Eda puts a mattress on the floor he achieves his purpose of spending the night with her. “I have not lied, I just said that we will sleep in the same room. For the first time you will sleep on the floor, Your Highness”, he tells his ex,

Eda forces Serkan to sleep on the floor

However, the awakening will be very different. Serkan wakes up in Eda’s bed hugging her. “You have approached me,” she says to her ex, who is very angry. Luckily, Kiraz will show up at just the right time to prevent the discussion from escalating.

Eda and Serkan wake up embraced

Eda and Serkan are waiting for you at Divinity

The coexistence forced by the judge may be the opportunity that Serkan was waiting for to win back Eda. Living together under the same roof can be crucial in your future. Will he be able to get Eda to forgive him for everything that has made him suffer in the past? Will the florist get carried away? If you want to discover what happens between the leading couple of ‘Love is in the air’, you cannot miss the next chapters of the current series. Monday through Friday at 5:45 p.m., at Divinity.

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