'AMLO is a conservative disguised as a liberal': Carlos Loret de Mola

Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola he said in his column, ‘Stories of a Reporter’ that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador it’s a ‘conservative disguised as liberal‘, this by not taking a position before the decriminalization of the abortion in the country.

“Given the decriminalization of abortion in Mexico, AMLO is a conservative disguised as a liberal.”

Loret de Mola wrote about the irony that AMLO constantly attacks his political opponents calling them “conservatives”, while he himself “He is a conservative, especially on gender issues. He does not understand them and he does not learn them “, accuses Loret de Mola.

“The ruling on abortion stripped AMLO as he is: a conservative disguised as a liberal. The president, in his long conferences each morning, often fiercely attacks those he calls “conservatives.”. In that group he places his partisan opponents, the press that denounces the errors of his government, the intellectuals who question him and anyone who dares to criticize him. For AMLO to be a conservative is to be corrupt, almost fascist, criminal with impunity, and an enemy of the people and the alleged transformation that he continues to promise to carry out “, he expressed.

For Loret de Mola, the decision of the court Regarding the unconstitutionality of the criminalization of abortion, it was also a show of “muscle” before the Executive power, headed by AMLO.

On several occasions, feminist groups throughout Mexico have demanded that the president propose legislation so that women have free, safe and free access to abortion. The president’s response has always been soft; For example, the president has proposed taking the issue to a popular consultation, a question that has been rejected by activists who claim that rights are not being consulted.

“The president is a conservative, especially on gender issues. He does not understand them and he does not learn them. Feminists have knocked on the doors of the National Palace and received police violence in response. In January of this year, the president said that he would seek that the issue of decriminalization of abortion in the country be taken to public consultation, which was also rejected by feminist groups“.

The journalist said that AMLO it has always tried to stop liberal laws.

This attitude is not recent. Since I was head of Government of Mexico City, in 2000, AMLO sought to paralyze local laws in favor of termination of pregnancy and same-sex marriages. Both initiatives were approved until the next administration. AMLO stopped these liberal laws in collusion with the then archbishop primate Norberto rivera, accused of covering up pedophiles. At that time, he even gave the Catholic Church lands covering almost 30 thousand square meters.

Finally, Loret said that AMLO is a president ‘Vox’ recalling the criticism of the president for the visit of Santiago Abascal, leader of the ultraconservative Spanish party.

That is why it is not surprising that he behaves like this now. AMLO is a conservative disguised as a liberal. And reality undressed him very soon and with no small irony. A few days ago, Santiago Abascal, leader of the ultra-conservative Spanish party Vox, visited Mexico to present an international alliance. The president beat them up for being “Conservative and ultra conservative, almost fascist.” But then came the ruling of the Court and, after recalling AMLO’s history on these issues, it is clear that in Mexico we have a president Vox. The good news is that we have strong institutions that will continue to seek to combat their conservatism.

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