Ambiseint democratizes olfactory marketing with 40 new franchises in Spain

13/09/2021 – 13:52

The company will reach 140 delegations with the new openings planned this year under the franchise modality. A model that it has reinvented, betting on an intermediate size with less geographical delimitation in each brand, in addition to being open to the multi-franchisee.

The aroma is the first thing that is perceived when entering an establishment by the simple fact of breathing. However, there are still places or companies, regardless of their activity or size, that do not always take care of it, betting on investing in design, aesthetics, decoration or lighting, among other aspects.

To this has been added the fact that having a scent in accordance with the company or establishment has not been available for many years to a large part of companies, especially SMEs, and small businesses or premises, in addition to having a limited supply based on very basic products within a less specialized sector.

It is a situation that occurs despite the fact that a bad smell can generate distrust among consumers, while a pleasant aroma for customers contributes to increasing sales by 70%, according to various studies, and improving the brand image. In addition, it favors the well-being of employees and improves productivity.

In order to break all these barriers, Ambiseint was born, a company originally from Zaragoza and driven from Ibiza, which from its inception set the objectives of democratizing olfactory marketing and specializing in this sector, in addition to working in professional atmosphere and environmental hygiene. .

“On a trip to Ibiza in 2003, I was impressed by the island, but I was shocked that in the places where a lot of money is invested in details, designs, decoration, having DJs … they did not take care of the aroma. A highly developed sense of smell and I came up with a business model. Investigating and training, I saw that there were companies with very basic products and little menu – floral or mandarin aromas and little else – the offer is usually designed for specific areas such as toilets, They tend to be very expensive systems – a few years ago you could pay 600 euros a month – and foreign companies normally operate, which do not provide service, use machines from China or use aerosol refill systems, which is not the most sustainable option ” , explains Fernando Castillo, CEO of Ambiseint, to elEconomista

This was the origin of the business model of the company that was created in 2004 and which is based on the design and manufacture of its own aromas in Utebo (Zaragoza) – it has a generic menu of more than 100 and a collection of more than 10,000 to create exclusive fragrances-, in addition to giving personalized advice to customers to choose the most appropriate option based on their activity and brand, among other parameters, and to provide refilling and maintenance services.

The company also designs and manufactures its machines -they have their own international patents in Europe and the United States-, the process being carried out at factories in the Valencian Community, so that it offers 100% Spanish products and solutions that are also among the most natural on the market. .

An activity with which Ambisient has reached nearly 100 branches that serve more than 100,000 clients spread over three continents. In Spain, 92 are located, while the rest are in Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Mexico and countries of Europe and the Caribbean.

The company continues its expansion with the forecast of opening 40 new branches this year in which it will prioritize growth in the northern area of ​​Spain and Catalonia, where it has less presence, in addition to also reinforcing the rest of the country, where it has a strong presence in the Balearic Islands, Aragn, Navarra, La Rioja, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona or the Basque Country with areas such as San Sebastián or Vizcaya, among others. It is also contemplated to continue with the international expansion in Portugal and it is planned to open the United States market.

The objective is thus to continue expanding its activity to further democratize olfactory marketing and that it is available to the entire business fabric, ranging from a small business to large chains or companies such as Ikea, Porcelanosa, Hotel Meli, Carrefour or McDonald’s, among others. with which it already works, and offering customized solutions as a result of its continued investment in R + D + i and in which aesthetics are also taken care of.

A commitment that includes innovative products such as the recent patent acquired in the United States and Europe, which perfumes spaces of up to 1,200 square meters and is approved for connection to air conditioning systems.

New franchise model

The new openings, with which to add a total of 140 delegations, will be opened as franchises, a modality for which I opted already since 2011 after growing with its own centers – it adds a total of 14 -, since “the fundamental pillar of our business is a pristine service. We started franchising to serve specific geographic areas, not losing quality, due to the rapidity of expansion and being able to work with committed teams to provide a service according to customers “.

Ambiseint has made changes to its franchise model. “We have made an intermediate size to cover less area and, now, there may also be multi-franchisees because our demand is very high. Many establishments are also taking advantage of this crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic to be prepared to leave. The demand of our services is very high and we have areas where we are selling more than before the pandemic. ”

The company, which is the only brand that manufactures its broadcasts and consumables and also does the entire process in Spain, has a differentiated franchise model. “It is not a franchise to use. It does not require a high investment”, which starts at 12,900 euros. To open it, “it is not necessary a commercial premises, thus avoiding this type of expense and derivatives -which are the Achilles heel of many franchises- and the possibility of failure.” In addition, it gives a high profit from the beginning, which is usually 300% on the purchase price because “we think that the franchisee has to make money.”

The Ambiseint franchise is open to any type of professional because “the training and support are provided by us”, although organizational capacity and commercial profiles are valued because “the most important thing is to get a portfolio of clients”, which on everything is the key in the initial phase. The franchise is designed for self-employment, although it is also open to investors.

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