Sinaloa.- Although the Ministry of Health in Sinaloa only reported 108 new infections of covid-19 this Tuesday, the figures provided confirm a new spike in deaths, with 24 reported cases.

At the same time, the agency reported that the number of active patients is 962, and 108 people who managed to overcome the virus were discharged. The epidemiological traffic light color is yellow.


In an analysis of the people reported as deceased by coronavirus, it is noted that the age ranges are between 23 to 84 years, but only two people are under 30 years of age: a 27-year-old woman, in Guasave; and a 23-year-old man, in Los Mochis, the first hypertensive and immunosuppressed man.

Of the totality of the deceased, only three did not have chronic degenerative or concomitant diseases; while in the remaining 21, the most common illnesses as a compromising antecedent are diabetes and hypertension. And only three were over 80 years old.

The municipality with the most deaths this Tuesday were Mazatlán and Culiacán, with six and five, respectively; while the ones that reported the most new infections are Guasave and Culiacán, with 36 and 21 respectively

Active cases

In active cases, Ahome dominates with 268, followed by Culiacán with 222 and Guasave 183; While Mazatlán has 71 and Elota 39, followed by Salvador Alvarado with 31 and El Fuerte with 30.
With the numbers of new cases confirmed yesterday, Sinaloa reaches a cumulative total of 69 thousand 554 infections.

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Deaths recorded in the state


1. 46-year-old female died on August 21 in ISSSTE Culiacán
2. 55-year-old male died on August 12 in ISSSTE Culiacán (hypertensive)
3. 41-year-old male died on August 14 in ISSSTE Culiacán (hypertensive)
4. 67-year-old female died on August 9 in ISSSTE Culiacán (immunosuppressed)
5. 70-year-old female died on August 16 in ISSSTE Culiacán (hypertensive)

1. 59-year-old male died on September 4 at IMSS Mazatlán (diabetic)
2. 31-year-old male died on September 4 at IMSS Mazatlán (heart disease)
3. 81-year-old male died on September 4 at IMSS Mazatlán (hypertensive)
4. 72-year-old male died on September 5 at IMSS Mazatlán (diabetic)
5. 23-year-old male died on September 5 at IMSS Mazatlán (immunosuppressed)
6. 41-year-old female died on August 2 in HG Mazatlán (hypertensive)

Salvador Alvarado
1. 37-year-old male died on September 2 in IMSS Culiacán (hypertensive)
2. 52-year-old female died on September 5 in IMSS Guamúchil

1. 36-year-old male died on August 23 in HG Guasave (hypertensive)
2. 54-year-old male died on August 29 in HG Guasave (diabetic)
3. 27-year-old female died on August 23 in HG Guasave (hypertensive)

1. 84-year-old male died on August 31 in IMSS Guamúchil
2. 66-year-old male died on August 24 in Civil Hospital (diabetic)

1. 58-year-old male died on August 26 at General Hospital Centro Médico (diabetic)

1. 84-year-old male died on August 22 in HG Guasave (hypertensive)

The strong
1. 82-year-old female died on August 31 at IMSS Los Mochis (diabetic)

1. 47-year-old male died on July 31 at ISSSTE Rosario (hypertensive)

1. 62-year-old female died on August 21 in HG Los Mochis (diabetic)

1. 45-year-old male died on September 4 at IMSS El Fuerte (obesity).

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