The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the United States explains the three biggest mistakes we make every day that endanger our cybersecurity.

We all have a friend who has been hacked. Be it your Steam account, Instagram, Facebook or cryptocurrency wallet. We all know one or more cases.

This is due to several factors, starting because there are more and more hackers and ending because, most of us, we are very little careful about security on the network. Our front door is armored, but our password has 4 characters.

For this reason, the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has decided to draw up a catalog of exceptionally dangerous behaviors that can put national security and ours at risk.

In said catalog, the american agency lists three really risky stocks, which are responsible for thousands of people a day being hacked.

These are the three most common mistakes:

  1. Using one-step authentication: Using multi-factor (or two-step) authentication can help disrupt more than 99% of cyberattacks, according to CISA data. Therefore, its use is almost mandatory since it would prevent almost all account thefts and usurpations.
  2. Use known, fixed or default passwords: Simple or default passwords are great for cybercriminals because they are so easy to get around. They also warn of the use of passwords that have been previously violated and of which we are aware of it.
  3. Use of unsupported software: Using software that is not compatible with our operating system or that has become obsolete when we stop receiving updates, we allow cybercriminals to exploit new security vulnerabilities that arise because old software does not usually receive security patches.

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The CISA ensures that, by avoiding these three bad practices, institutions and users can improve the security of our equipment and infrastructures without having to make great sacrifices.

As you can see, they are not complicated recommendations or anything that we had not heard already, but in terms of security, it never hurts to remind users that together we can make the internet a safer place.

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