There is little left for the STEP. And while the candidates from the crack remain promising in Chicana, millions of working families, youth and women do not make ends meet. While corporations and the wealthy accumulate fortunes even in the midst of the pandemic, our lives are precarious for millions every day.

If we work, we not only have to face bosses who are pushing us more and more but also a privileged union bureaucracy screwed to their seats that surrenders our rights, accepts downward wage agreements and lets the IMF’s adjustment go by.

If you are young, you are affected by a combo of job insecurity and an uncertain future. Because you have to work, you stop studying. If you do what you can, it is for a low salary. And let’s not talk about living independently, as a couple or with friends. If your own home is a utopia, renting is increasingly inaccessible. But yes: Larreta continues to deliver properties to IRSA to build luxury mega towers.

In the midst of disappointment and anger, smoke-sellers like Milei appear, who pose as “anti-politics” but are part of the system. They deny global warming and genocide, praise Menem and neoliberalism. They call themselves libertarians, but back five centuries. They are only accompanied by cheating, but they do not even represent the thousands and thousands of young people who want dignity, justice, social equality.

On the other hand, from the left we are shoulder to shoulder with that youth, always. The hard-working and front-line youth. That of the green tide, which flooded the streets for legal abortion and for Not One Less. Diverse, dissident and non-binary youth. The one that gives environmental fight against this extractivist system that leaves us without a planet.

The left is the only political force willing to touch the interests of the rich, the only way to respond to social needs. If not, there will be no resources to generate employment, wages, housing, or better public health and education.

But to make this happen it is necessary (r) to evolve to the left. Make it bigger, stronger, more open and more appealing to thousands and thousands of independent activists. We are part of the Frente de Izquierda Unity and we value it. But sectarian, dogmatic traits must be overcome and grown as an alternative for millions.

To raise these debates there are interns in the FIT-U, so you have the possibility to choose. Within the front, we propose to support those who, based on the anti-capitalist and socialist program, want to advance and go for more. I am a candidate for national deputy for the City and a front-line nurse accompanies me as a legislator. In the Province, my colleague Alejandro Bodart heads our list.

A few days before the STEP, I invite you to change and not vote for more of the same. Give a chance to those of us who are part of a new generation on the left and have no commitment to the powerful.

* Pre-candidate for national deputy for the City (Left Front-MST)

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