"Koh-Lanta: The Legend": Did the public’s opinion count in selecting the candidates?

MEDIA – This is the return of an expected event. This Tuesday, August 24, 2021 will begin the new season of Koh-Lanta. To celebrate the 20 years of the show, the production has decided to bring together an XXL cast in Koh-Lanta: The Legend in order to create a unique and spectacular confrontation. The goal this year? Make the best compete.

But how did the production of the show go about selecting the crème de la crème of adventurers? Julien Magne, program director of Adventure Line Productions (in charge of Koh-Lanta and Fort Boyard in particular), answered questions from HuffPost.

20 participants are gathered for this seventh special edition of Koh-Lanta. 10 men, 10 women. “Parity” and “level of play” were the watchwords of the production in establishing the casting. “We wanted perfect parity, so we already knew we needed 20 adventurers, 10 men, 10 women,” says Julien Magne.

“The other aspect we wanted to highlight was ‘the ultimate confrontation’. With a level, from any point of view, very high. Whether in trials, in survival, or in strategies. We also wanted adventurers from different seasons, not just the last ones. On the strength of these 3 assumptions, we targeted a certain number of adventurers, to whom we offered to participate in the show ”, he continues.

It was not the public that pushed us to take Sam, but his adventure.

Out of 20 adventurers, only 6 have already won Koh-Lanta. So, one could wonder about the legitimacy of some to participate in this All-Stars edition. An adventurer like Clémence, who won the show twice and will participate in its 4th edition at the age of 36, will be able to face Sam, 21 and eliminated on the 21st day of the “Island of heroes” edition. . But Sam is very popular with the public. Moreover, its elimination had caused a lot of talk on social networks. Many viewers have cried foul after the departure of their “darling”. So did the public opinion and Sam’s reputation secure his place in Koh-Lanta: The Legend?

The production assures us that it is not. “You never do a casting based on public opinion, because there are as many opinions as there are viewers. It was not the public that pushed us to take Sam, but his adventure. He may not have won a lot, but he beat Claude in an event where he held the time record. He was breathtaking in the archery event against Claude and Teheiura. And he also marked his adventure because he managed to make the fire in record time, and all that with a pretty incredible personality. He’s a great teenager Sam, and despite that, he managed to score an extremely hard adventure, ”explains the program director.

Same principle for Namadia, eliminated on the 25th day of season 12. A course which, on paper, does not mark the spirits, but its selection goes beyond performance. Namadia remains an icon and a recognized face of adventure Koh-Lanta. “He came out of his edition in Malaysia quite early, but from our point of view, he was a super charismatic and emblematic captain of his tribe before reunification. He was in an ejection seat for a while, but he fought. Then he found the immunity collar and pulled it out in a pretty amazing way. An iconic moment of Koh-Lanta. These are also profiles like that we wanted to have, very charismatic and competitive people ”, defends Julien Magne.

It was not enough to have won to be part of the All-Stars. The trace that a candidate leaves within the adventure would be the entry ticket for Koh Lanta: The Legend. Above all, we must mark the spirits. “We obviously wanted to have winners, because in the people who scored Koh-Lanta, there are a lot of winners. But that was the real criterion. People who have marked Koh-Lanta. That they had won, that they were close to victory without obtaining it, and those adventurers who had great potential and who, by a gamble, a hazard of the adventure, were eliminated a little too early when they could have gone much further, ”says the program director.

The production is very happy with its casting. For confidentiality reasons, Adventure Line Productions always presents the candidates the day before or the day before the start of the show to the technical teams. Julien Magne affirms it: “The teams which are, for the most part, on Koh-Lanta for 10 or 15 years were very pleasantly surprised, not to say flabbergasted by the quality of the casting. And the reaction was the same for the adventurers when they discovered each other. They didn’t think there would be so much adversity on this anniversary edition. It made them happy, and at the same time, it tense them, ”he explains. See you on August 24 to discover the first episode of this XXL clash.

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