This young Afghan teacher who is suffering the consequences of the entry of the Taliban into Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Behramandi has explained in Day by day how the situation of women has changed from one day to the next, and now, she fears more about losing her freedom than about losing her life.

“Forced marriage is the biggest fear of young girls … but my biggest fear is that they won’t let me go to work, and also that they won’t let my students come to university and continue studying,” said this teacher. tell how the hiyab that they now have to wear is completely different from the previous one. The one now must cover his entire head and wear long black dresses.

How things have changed for women in just a few days

Some cover their faces and others do not, but as he points out, not even 10% of the people on the street are women, and “all fear that the Taliban will beat them up or punish them in public for their behavior. hiyab“For that reason, they do not go out into the street early in the morning or at night, because if you go alone you may put your life in danger. In addition, the Afghan emphasizes that it is better to go out with a group of women or with a man , which must be a ‘mahram’, close relative such as a father, brother or son.

As she does not have close men, she has been isolated in her apartment with her roommate since they conquered Kabul, and the situation is quite tense on the streets, especially due to the lack of supply of some goods in the market, such as prepaid mobile cards. But worst of all is the situation with the economy, since “there is no cash, there is no money, and the people who have the money in the bank are not sure that they will be able to access their money.”

The Taliban have not changed and will “limit the internet”

Asked if she believed that the Taliban had changed in the 1990s, given the “friendly” image they are trying to project to the international community, the teacher is clear: “they are not very different from the Taliban in the 1990s.” In fact, he believes that after a while they will change, and that is the great fear of Afghans, and especially Afghans. “We are sure that they will change … surely limiting the internet and preventing those who are outside from knowing what is really happening in the country,” he explains.

In addition, he has judged the position of Western countries during these years, since they feel betrayed: “They have spent a lot of money and have left many lives during 20 years to end up returning to the Taliban regime … I do not know if it is a tragedy or comedy. “

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