‘High tension’ welcomed a new contestant last Wednesday, Hermogenes, the same one who nine years ago tried to make a dent in ‘Pasapalabra’ (Telecinco). At that time, without the repechage of ‘The blue chair’, the contestant had no occasion to fight for his permanence in the program.

Hermogenes debuted in ‘Pasapalabra’ on May 8, 2012, as a rival of Alberto Izquierdo. That afternoon he got 15 words right before the donut time ran out. Alberto, on the other hand, stayed a single word from the boat.

Hermogenes, in ‘Pasapalabra’. (Mediaset)

On May 21, after 28 deliveries, Alberto Izquierdo, a Villarreal computer scientist, managed to dye the donut green and grab the 374,000 euros that was in the boat.

Hermógenes, rival of Alberto Izquierdo. (Mediaset)

Nine years later, Hermógenes has met again with Christian Gálvez. “I come from a small town, Cúllar Vega, from Granada, although I’m actually from La Mancha, but born in Barcelona.” With this convoluted presentation, Hermogenes appeared in ‘High tension’. Language teacher and institute director, the new contestant faced Quicky in the ‘Head to Head’, but failed to play the ‘Final minute’.

Hermogenes, contestant of ‘High tension’. (Mediaset)

Much more luck was this Wednesday with 84,900 euros in the pot. Hermogenes not only beat his rivals, including Sebastián Navarro, but also managed to reach the final test with a wild card. Thanks to him, the contestant had an extra five seconds with which to face the dreaded ‘Diabolical Minute’However, even 50 seconds did not manage to resolve the panel.

It was up to him to find the eight Hollywood screenwriters that the show ‘hid’ in the final test, however, Hermogenes was not able to successfully complete the test. Found only four screenwriters (Casey Robinson, Mark Hellinger, John Lee Mahin, and Sidney Buchman). He missed the names of Robert Riskin, Frank Nugent, Nuually Johnson and John Howard Lawson.

This Thursday Hermógenes returned to play for the second time ‘The Diabolical Minute’ of the program. After defeating the rest of the contestants, the contestant made it to the end of the show in the hope of overcoming the challenge and pocketing the 88,400 euros of the jackpot. However, it could not be. Hermogenes had to guess the name of the men’s swimming Olympic golds, but he ran out of time (45 seconds) and only found three of the correct answers. Next Monday he will try again.

Hermogenes, in his second program in ‘High tension’. (Mediaset)

What would you do with the boat?

“I can’t wait to buy a Harley-Davidson”he replied to Christian after being asked about the boat. The contestant has owned several bikes in recent years, yet dreams of a Harley. “I don’t have any particular models. I’d rather not look at them until I can actually buy one.”

However, Hermogenes made it clear that with the almost 85,000 euros accumulated from the jackpot, many more things can be done, in addition to buying a motorcycle, such as writing. “Writing is not something that is chosen, you know it well, it is something that chooses you”. If he managed to win the grand prize of the contest, he would take his time to write for sure. “It is always a therapy, especially if it is poetry, because you open the channel and give it your all.”

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