Father's dance with nanny / TikTok @ raypo3

The fun of the father and the nanny outraged the Internet users. "You can see that they like to touch each other"

This video caused a real storm on the Internet. Interestingly, the video from TikTok, where the father of two children dances with their 23-year-old nanny, was shared by the man’s wife. Her attitudes are not understood by the appalled Internet users, for whom the father’s dance with the nanny exceeds certain norms and boundaries.

They went crazy like in “Dirty Dancing”

The author of the recording, Rachel, runs an @ raypo3 account on TikTok. Her profile is watched by over 105 thousand. users. Last week, mom and housewife shared a video that many people found inappropriate and very disturbing. It was about the relationship between the nanny and Rachel’s husband.

The clip, titled “The Nanny Dad Video Nobody Asked For”, has been played over eight million times! The video shows nanny Lizzie Norton lifting Rachel’s spouse as she plays.

Moments later, the husband and nanny change places, and it is Andrew, like the cult dance from “Dirty Dancing”, who is lifting Lizzie.

Father's dance with nanny / TikTok @ raypo3

Father’s dance with nanny / TikTok @ raypo3

Photo: Tik Tok

Father's dance with nanny / TikTok @ raypo3

Father’s dance with nanny / TikTok @ raypo3

Photo: Tik Tok

Rachel, who records everything, is the witness to the fun. From behind the camera, at one point you can even hear her words: “You touched her cheeks!”, While Andrew, laughing, replies: “I know, I know.” The video shows that the fun lasts a long time and the man lifts Lizzie several times. The three of them seem to be having a great time.

You can watch the video below:

34-year-old Rachel defended the behavior of her partner and nanny and convinced Internet users that Lizzie is like a family. In confirmation of her words, a few days later she published a clip in which Rachel’s father is carrying a young nanny.

“My father also treats Lizzy like family,” she signed the video.

Internauts’ reactions

The video definitely divided Internet users, and many commentators and commentators found this behavior inappropriate. Some noticed the discomfort on the man’s face. However, the observers were most disturbed by the fact that mutual touch and closeness did not embarrass either party. “My wife just divorced me because I watched this video” – one user quipped. “What they do doesn’t even look like fun. You can see they just like to touch each other,” another person added.

Girls who work as nannies also took the floor. Many of them said they would never have acted this way in front of their male employer. “I’ve been a nanny for 15 years and this has never happened to me in my life,” wrote one of the girls.

“They don’t have many occasions to meet”

Rachel highlighted the circumstances in which she met Lizzie. She explained that the nanny worked in a kindergarten attended by their eldest son. “She was always the sweetest, the sweetest. She sent pictures [syna — przy. pred] all day, we talked all day “- she explained. She added that the nanny and her husband do not have many opportunities to meet. When that happens, they are both very happy. “She’s like our little sister,” commented Rachel.

“We love her to death. She’s really goofy and weird, and we can joke and mess with her and vice versa” – she concluded. Rachel also called for Internet users to stop criticizing Lizzie.

“Stop attacking her. She is an angel. She is a blessing to our family, and people attack her like she’s a shit,” she said.

The text was posted on Ofeminin on December 7, 2021.

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