Victoria woke up one day with nausea and vomiting. Her parents took her to get tested for Covid. It tested negative. For the next two days, the girl was still the same or worse. They ran a PCR again and this time it was positive. “15 days have already passed from this. They did not hospitalize her before because they were saturated“Dolores, the aunt of the 20-year-old girl who died of coronavirus at the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella, tells EL ESPAÑOL in Malaga.

The girl, a native of Estepona, died early Sunday after suffering “pulmonary edema caused by the virus,” says her mother’s sister. Victoria was finally admitted last Saturday after coming with her family up to seven times to be treated. “They send her home and so on seven times,” says Dolores on the other end of the phone.

That day, Victoria was already very ill. “She used to tell us:” Take me to the hospital, I’m dying. “She could already tell. My sister and my sister-in-law got into the elevator and there the girl fainted. Already being there she tells him that there are people more serious than her“, says, broken with pain, the maternal aunt of the young woman, whom they left under observation when they saw the seriousness of the matter.

Victoria was admitted last Saturday. “My sister took her at one thirty in the afternoon. At six in the afternoon they realize that he had developed pulmonary edema. At 1:30 in the morning they call her to tell her that she has no solution, that they had done everything they could. At 1:40 she died, “says Dolores. Minutes later her sister called her to tell her that the girl had died.

A good girl

Dolores describes her niece as a young woman full of life. “She was a very noble and very good girl. Everybody loved her,” she remembers about Victoria, who had her little outbreaks due to the impotence that this small handicap caused in her day-to-day life. “It was also thick, which made him have a few complexes,” he laments.

At 20 years old and with all the illusion in the world ahead of her, Victoria loved to upload videos to TikTok. It was one of his hobbies. He loved spending time on this social network. “He was very happy, he was always dancing. I had a very good heart“Dolores insists when she talks about her niece, whom the whole family loved and who was easily taken to affection.

The 20-year-old girl had dropped out of school very early because, among other reasons, she was bullied in high school because of her minor handicap. “Being immature, he has had a problem with his studies,” admits his sad aunt. Her parents ended up taking her out of high school because she did not want to continue. Afterward, she was assigned to a hairdressing module.

No serious illness

The patient, who died early Sunday morning, “had associated risk factors,” they assured him on Tuesday from the Marbella hospital. SPANISH from Malaga. But nevertheless, her mother’s sister confirms that Victoria suffered only a minor handicap or intellectual disability due to immaturity and that he did not suffer from a previous serious illness.

The Costa del Sol Hospital, which provided information to the media, clarified that the girl had not been vaccinated. The 20-year-old did not get to put it on because she was already sick. “She had an appointment for the first dose. When testing positive they could not put it on. They don’t recommend it until six months, “Dolores assures EL ESPAÑOL in Malaga.

The Patient Ombudsman has asked the Malaga Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the death de Victoria for “alleged negligence in the treatment of Covid-19”. “The family indicates that they came up to seven times to be treated. It seems that the last time he was fatal and said that he was dying,” he says by phone Damian Vazquez, lawyer for the Patient Ombudsman in the province.

Victoria’s family tells EL ESPAÑOL from Malaga that The complaint to the Andalusian Health Service for medical negligence is already underway. “We are gathering evidence, reports. That is going to move forward. This is not going to stay that way. So that they don’t play with people’s lives. We are not numbers“reproaches the aunt of the young woman who died of coronavirus. Dand moment, Estepona City Council has offered psychological assistance to relatives.

The Marbella hospital complex has insisted that health care that “he has received in the Critics’ area and throughout his stay at the center has been adequate and correct according to clinical criteria“, adding, in the same way, that health professionals” have offered complete and timely information to the family and support throughout the process and continue to be at their complete disposal. “

His parents and 18-year-old little sister are “heartbroken.” “You can’t get an idea. Who is going to wait for it? I have passed the Covid and I have not had a fever, only a headache, loss of smell,” explains Dolores, who before hanging up makes clear the intention of the family: “This is going to continue so that it does not happen to anyone else. This is negligence and they will pay“.


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