In the third part of the debate between the candidates of the Together for Change Front Silvia Elías de Pérez (Let’s change together), Roberto Sanchez (Together for Tucumán) and Ramiro Beti (Together to Build), insecurity and education took much of the attention.

Do you think that the Provincial Constitution has to be reformed?

– Elías de Pérez: I am not willing to accept any constitutional reform to suit the wishes of a man who wants to stay in power forever. What we need is independence from the Justice, the law on access to public information, the law on public ethics … when all this is ready, then we can think of a reform.

– Sánchez: this is not the time, for that we have to think about 2023 forward, surely there are points that are wrong, but today the ruling party wants to install the reform to strain the indefinite re-election to which we oppose.

– Beti: the reform responds to the wishes of the current ruler. If there is a reform, let it be electoral.

How do you rate security in the province? What should change?

– Sánchez: insecurity is the main problem we have in the province, it is multi-causal but the main responsible is the Executive Power. In the police stations there are no toilets, they are totally dilapidated, there is also the drug problem, we have to promote a work culture and improve education.

– Beti: in Tucumán security is not a priority, it is one of the provinces that allocates the least budget to security. Another issue is the handling of the Police regarding the fulfillment of their duty, internal affairs are not working as they should be, the data speaks for itself.

– Elías de Pérez: we from Tucumán are abandoned, they kill us on every corner, we cannot walk calmly or return home in peace. The minister is the worst version of what the governor tells us. And so crime progresses, we have to know the crime map, transform 911, set up an internal affairs office that separates the chaff from the wheat.

How do you rate education in Tucumán? What proposals would you make?

– Beti: I have great respect for the teachers of the province, the teachers are also mothers because the children use the school to learn and to eat. This province practically canceled school attendance due to the rift between the ruling party. We have a Minister of Education with 20 impeachment requests.

– Elías de Pérez: the government of Tucumán and its minister are postponed, they lost the year directly. The pandemic served to show the educational catastrophe in the province, which was a year without face-to-face classes and connectivity was not ensured. They returned now and the schools are not in condition. We have a minister who has fascist attitudes, who persecutes teachers. We propose an educational pact, the declaration of educational emergency and make a greater investment in education.

– Sánchez: education in Tucumán is bad, there is great inequality, a boy who studies in Amaicha del Valle is not the same as one who studies in the capital and at the same time as one from a peripheral neighborhood. The schools are a mess, there are no teacher staff and those who earn the teacher is very low.

Free debate

In the last four minutes of free debate, Elías de Pérez harshly criticized the measures taken by the Alberto Fernández government and referred to “some deputies who were there, voted there and we stood up to them.”

“We have rampant inflation, in this country Kirchnerism cannot continue forward. We have seen VIP vaccinations, trucho testing centers, we have seen everything in Argentina, this is what leads me not to lower my arms. Let’s not be tempted to do the same as them, “he urged.

Sánchez alluded to the lack of education and Beti to the need to toughen penalties for different crimes.

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