The Ministry of Health, headed by Carla Vizzotti, will distribute this Tuesday the first 150,000 doses of Sputnik V, dose 2, finished in Argentina, at the Richmond Laboratory. The game was authorized by the Gamaleya Institute a few days ago and in the next few hours Moscow’s authorization of the second batch of 800,000 doses 2, also finished in Richmond, is expected.

That way, the country will have 1,400,000 doses 2 throughout this week, Because as planned this Monday, an Aerolineas Argentinas flight from Moscow landed in Ezeiza, with 400,000 doses of the second component.

Sputnik V Doses 2

The distribution and application of Sputnik V, dose 2, completed in Argentina is news of the utmost importance, because it is the beginning of a production that, sooner or later, will end with difficult logistics such as round trips. to Moscow. The Richmond Laboratory, owned by Marcelo Figueiras, has already completed 2,195,000 doses 2, an enormous figure that would gradually close the problem of missing this component.

Of the total, 800,000 would be approved this week, as promised by the Gamaleya Institute. In other words, the Ministry of Health could have two items, 150,000 and 800,000 before the middle of the month. At the same time, In the next few days another 800 liters of the active substance arrive, with which the Richmond Laboratory will finish 850,000 additional doses. It means that almost three million doses could be available throughout August, as announced.

Considering that 80 percent of Argentines over 18 years of age are already vaccinated with the first dose, it seems obvious that everything is concentrated – as announced – in applying the second doses. And in this area, the biggest problem is the delay in the production in Russia of the second component of Sputnik V.

A short-term and long-term solution to missing second doses

Although there is wide acceptance of the combination of vaccines, the completion in Richmond is a short-term and especially a long-term solution. Immediately, because it would allow to have three million doses this month, and from now until the end of the year to have a more stabilized production regularly, without having the dependence on flights that take 48 hours and, especially, avoiding a tremendous bid that It exists in Moscow where all the countries -more than 70- are waiting for Sputnik V to be delivered to them. In the Russian capital there is a veritable parade of foreign ministers trying to get the Kremlin or the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) to assure them some item.

From a strategic point of view, Marcelo Figueiras announced this week that the trust destined to build a plant to produce Sputnik V raised the 85 million dollars that were needed. In total, 60 investors joined, including banks, insurers and large companies. Even proposals had to be rejected because that exceeded the amount sought. The ultra-modern plant will be built in Pilar.

The opposition campaign against Sputnik V

The opposition obviously did not miss the opportunity to target the government for the lack of Sputnik 2. Some even claimed, in an unusual way, that “the Russian bet of Cristina Kirchner and Axel Kicillof failed.” The reality is that the 12,300,000 Russian vaccines were key in the Argentine vaccination and, in addition, nationally and worldwide it was shown that it is one of the most efficient vaccines.

Especially, It was key that Moscow began to send doses in December, when very few countries were vaccinating and no one was betting on the Gamaleya Institute vaccine. The same people who now criticize the lack of doses 2 are those who said that the Russian vaccine was poison and were silenced by the publication of the magazine The Lancet.

August, month of the second doses

As pointed out by Minister Vizzotti and the presidential adviser, Cecilia Nicolini, who negotiated the provision of vaccines from the beginning, the August goal is to complete the vaccination of 60 percent of those over 50. It is a perfectly possible goal.

As of this Saturday the flights begin to depart and arrive to bring from China eight million doses of Sinopharm, that in large part will go to complete the vaccination of the eight million doses that arrived in July.

This Wednesday, 530,000 Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccines also arrive, the active substance of which was produced in the mAbxience Laboratory, of the Insud Group, of Hugo Sigman. The vaccines were finished in Albuquerque and will be used as doses 2 of those who received the first dose of Oxford / AstraZeneca and also to complete the Sputnik V vaccination, who chose to combine vaccines.


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