The shocking message of a doctor after intubating a patient who did not want to be vaccinated

Vaccination against Covid-19 in Spain is very close to reaching 70% of its population with the full guideline, a sample of the awareness that exists about the importance of receiving the doses to protect others and oneself from the worst consequences of the coronavirus. However, there are still some people who have not come to be vaccinated, either because of denialist ideas or because of fear of side effects.

This is the case of a patient of Domingo González, an intensive care physician at the Hospital de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In an overwhelming video that has been published on social networks, the professional begins by ensuring that it is recorded to fulfill the given word of a man who has just intubated.

“He was admitted yesterday for the covid with an inflammatory lung disease, with bilateral pneumonia, and until today he could be breathing with support systems, but we have already had to intubate him, connect him to a respirator and sedate him deeply“laments the doctor.

Minutes before having to put his patient on assisted ventilation, he confessed that he had not been vaccinated out of fear to what he heard and saw in the media and on social media. As González says, the man “regretted not having done it [vacunarse] now that he has been ill, and that he has had to get to this moment. “

In those distressing moments, the doctor promised that he would record a video recounting his experience to remind him of the importance of getting vaccinated. And it does so knowingly. Explain in the video that these days they have entered the ICU to more than 10 patients affected by Covid-19 who were not vaccinated and that, as in the case of this patient, they did not do it for fear of side effects. “They were not deniers, they were influenced by denial ideas,” González denounces.

Doctors like him have a double fight in this pandemic: trying to cure their patients and raising awareness about the importance of using protection methods against the coronavirus such as the vaccine, the most effective so far. But nevertheless, the denialist ideas that go viral over and over again And with increasing speed and insistence, they make very difficult the work that health workers have been doing without rest since the pandemic began.

Since then they have arisen all kinds of theories around Covid-19. First, that it was not a virus as harmful as it was led to believe, that it had been created in a laboratory or, as personalities from the entertainment world came to assure, that everything was part of a plandemic.

Later, the arrival of vaccines awoke a new denialist wave that led to the awakening new conspiracy theories: that everything was part of a plan to embed microchips in the population to control it, that the vaccines carried graphene or, even, that they could transform DNA.

All of them theories without any scientific basis and that put the health of the population at risk. González regrets that “we are reaching a time in our society in which we are not aware of the damage that can be done with false ideas”, because “it is playing with people’s lives and their health, which could possibly be the of themselves and of their environment “. He ends the recording with a very clear message: “not everything goes. Please help us save lives.”


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