The Polish Government plunged this Tuesday into a crisis that puts its continuity in doubt after, due to its growing disagreements, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki remove the deputy prime minister, Jaroslaw Gowin, leader of one of the three governing coalition parties.

The majority party, the ultra-conservative and nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) accused of disloyalty to his hitherto Accord partners, and Gowin stated shortly after that his cessation effectively meant the end of the tripartite.

“My dismissal is the result of my loyalty to the Poles and my opposition to a program (…), especially to certain tax solutions. This resignation is, in fact, the rupture of the coalition government and the end of the United Right, “Gowin assured at a press conference.

If Agreement really leaves the Executive, something that he had recently ruled out, the government would remain in the minority in parliament, triggering the possibility that the general elections, planned in principle for 2023, will be advanced.

Dismissal it was announced by surprise. In a press conference, the government spokesman, Piotr Müller, advanced the decision and explained that, for Morawiecki, Gowin and the members of the Agreement in the Executive had behaved in a “not very loyal” and worked “at an insufficient pace” .

So it was better to allow “split” the partners, argued Müller, pointing to the collapse of the conservative coalition that has governed Poland since 2019.

Shortly after, Gowin appeared before the media to advance the end of the tripartite and make Morawiecki and PiS ugly that they had announced his cessation without even notifying him previously.

In a press conference, he assured that he had learned of his dismissal through the media and pointed out that this way of acting “says a lot about a certain culture, or rather, of a certain political agriculture that has prevailed lately “in the coalition.

Müller, for his part, invited “all members of the Agreement who want to implement the agreements “signed to” cooperate “, an offer that Gowin rejected in his press conference and later affirmed that tomorrow he will decide if the members of his party who have any position in the executive have his permission to remain in it or should resign.

Since the United Right tripartite was formed in 2019, Agreement has lost 9 of the 20 seats it won in the elections, most of it for the deputies who they left their ranks to join the PiS.


In recent days, the disagreements between PiS and Agreement have multiplied, with the opposition of the minority partner to the main proposals of the majority, the reforms of the media law and Justice to the postcovid recovery plan with community funds.

The legislative reforms that the PiS undertook when obtaining an absolute majority in 2015 – and which has pitted the Polish government against the European Justice – have been widely criticized by Gowin, who also disagreed with the distribution of funds that PiS plans to do with post-covid community recovery funds.

Gowin also attacked this Monday against the new media law proposed by PiS, which would affect only one US-owned television channel who has been critical of the Executive.

In Gowin’s opinion, the US government made it “clear that the entry into force of this law without an amendment would mean freeze political and economic relations between the United States and Poland. ”

Last Saturday, the party chaired by Gowin held a congress in which it was decided to continue being part of the government alliance despite not agreeing on many points of government policy.

The PiS, which failed to renew its absolute majority In 2019 and only obtained 198 of the 231 necessary, he has governed since then together with Agreement and the ultra-rightists of Solidarity Poland (19 deputies), the party of Vice President and Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro.

The support of KukizZ15 and his four seats for the rest of the legislature was also recently secured.

However, the breakdown of the coalition casts doubt on the future of the Morawiecki government, which had to agree to agree with minority leftist formations to carry out the vote on the economic recovery plan that was sent to Brussels.


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