This Thursday, August 12, the Chamber of Deputies will vote on the Constitutional Indictment against Minister Raúl Figueroa. For those of us who believe in the right to education, this is a highly relevant milestone, considering that the uniqueness of this libel lies in the fact that it is based on the complaints that civil society organizations linked to education (attorneys-in-fact , teachers, education assistants, students, among others) have expressed to various parliamentarians who, assuming their legal mandate, presented the accusation.

In this sense, its approval should not be seen as a “cock” between the government and the opposition, but rather as between those who defend the right to education and those who have violated it in one of the most complex moments that the country has experienced in recent years. decades. This debate cannot be distorted between those who are in favor of the return in person and those who are against it, we all agree with a safe return. It is mainly a question of establishing whether the government, through its minister, has exercised all the powers conferred by law to create the conditions to guarantee the exercise of the right to education for our students in the context of the pandemic.

Contrary to what one might think, we are facing a concrete and practical problem and not legal sophistry. Any citizen of the country knows that in the face of an exceptional situation derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, the needs for the operation of schools increase. You cannot return to the presence as if nothing had happened, without a well-developed plan that considers and guarantees the safety of all its members. Exceptional material support is required from MINEDUC and that is precisely what the minister did not do in 2020. It is incomprehensible that, as expressed in the grounds of the accusation and demonstrated through reports from the Library of the National Congress, school subsidies, that is, the money to run schools, have dropped in half of the schools during the period of the pandemic, compared to the previous year.

What conditions does the minister tell us about if instead of injecting resources, educational establishments suffered significant losses? When a large percentage of students did not have distance education because they did not have the necessary means and, likewise, the investment in computers and tablets was exactly the same as in a regular year. When there are schools that are falling apart. As was expressed in multiple accounts in the Commission for the Review of the Accusation, the school communities in the flesh have had to face the drama of this abandonment.

Furthermore, since it is the teachers and education assistants who have had to move the educational system forward, the abandonment and lack of protection regarding their working conditions during the pandemic is unquestionable and incomprehensible. Education workers are more overwhelmed than ever, the only workers who do not have their right to disconnection regulated, to give just one example. But instead, the authority has shown constant contempt and questioning. On the other hand, it is dramatic that for more than 3 years, teachers and assistants have waited for their retirement incentive bonus without being able to stop working so as not to lose it.

The list of faults and negligence incurred by Minister Figueroa is extensive, and they are clearly exposed in the accusatory libel, but they can be summarized in abandonment, deregulation, and lack of protection of the system in a context in which the greatest efforts were required.

Given this scenario and days before the vote, the organizations here signatory, we expect a clear signal of support for the school communities. We hope consistency between those who claim to defend the right to education and their actions. We believe that the administration of Minister Raúl Figueroa has exacerbated the crisis of an educational system in tow.

  • REDOFEM, Network of feminist teachers
  • College of Teachers of Chile
  • CONAECH, National Council of Organizations of Educational Assistants of Chile
  • Confederation of Associations, Unions, National and Regional Federations of Workers of Initial Garden Education Via Transparency of Funds MOVIMIENTO VTF.
  • CONFUCEM, National Confederation of Regional Federations and Unions of Municipal Corporations of Education Officials.
  • CONATECH, National Confederation of Education Workers of Chile.
  • FETECH, Federation of Education Workers of Chile.
  • AEFEN, National Federation of Organizations of Public Education Assistants.
  • National Trade Union Federation of Education Workers – Chile – FENTE CHILE FG
  • VTF National Federation
  • Association of civil servants Undersecretariat of Early Childhood Education, Andime SdEP
  • Binding Space for a New Public Education – Initial Evep
  • Fenated- National Federation of Education Workers
  • Fts-chile. Federation of Workers’ Unions Colleges Sigli XXI and Brothers School
  • SREI- Unions of the Ignatian Educational Network
  • Popular Management
  • Union Action Collective CAS
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Colegio Teniente Dagoberto Godoy, Lo Prado
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Instituto Tecnológico San Mateo, Pudahuel
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Escuela Cervantes, Santiago
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Liceo Amunategui, Santiago
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Liceo Bicentenario Jovino Naranjo Fernandez, Santiago
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Liceo Carlos Condell de la Haza, Santiago
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Colegio Millahue, Cerro Navia
  • Liceo 7 Student Center, Providencia
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Liceo Confederación Suiza, Santiago
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Liceo Javiera Carrera, Santiago
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Liceo Instituto Nacional, Santiago
  • Center for mothers, fathers and guardians Liceo Antonio Varas de la Barra, Arica
  • Center for mothers, fathers and proxies Juan Noe Artistic Bicentennial Lyceum, Arica

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