Rock stars are not very fond of social rules. They have their own GPS to navigate life and almost always cling to ledge paths, very dangerously close to the abyss. Their stellar lives, up and down the stage, run according to their whims, impostures and wild desires. Thus, among dazzling lights, gigantic egos and various excesses, there is no other musical genre with an anecdote as lavish and astonishing as rock.

As an appendix to the essentials, the music itself, the hilarious sitcom in which musicians often get caught up, is also part of the rock world. And on that swampy and delicate surface, rockers gave birth to endless stories that could have been drawn by some inspired surrealist scriptwriter.

In those stormy seas that rock sails through, fights between musicians have always been a threat looming on the horizon. And although sometimes they do not transcend the public, they usually reach edges scandalous and tragicomic.

Throughout the history of rock there were all kinds of conflicts between its protagonists. And the ways – in general, uncivilized – in which these differences were resolved between musicians were also very diverse.

There was everything: punches in the middle of concerts (with hospitalizations and fugitives included); bands that break up and take their clothes out in the sun in front of the public; you fight using the instruments to hit each other; war of egos and jealousy; offenses and mistreatment; the impossibility of maintaining a fairly civilized bond and even fatal stab wounds between members of the same group.

In that frenzied and crazy world of rockers, the journalist enters Eduardo Diana in his recently published book “Seconds Out: Rock’s Most Scandalous Fights.”

Under the mist where myth and reality intersect, the twelve chronicles that the book gathers -selected for being the most surprising and little known- They range from the delusional and bizarre to the wild and tragic. Like a camera that follows the protagonists and recording that world of sensations always in a state of boiling.

The Rolling Stones overcame conflicts and fierce and unsuspected fights.

“Each story focuses on a specific conflict of a band or a soloist and can be read as if it were a story. It has a context in which the story begins, a development and an end, “explains Diana.

In the prologue, the journalist Eduardo Fabregat points out that the chronicles that make up the book “they move to surprise, to laughter, sometimes to amazement, always to the conclusion that those people we admire so much can sometimes be driven to misery or delirium, be the protagonists of film events, without this diminishing our taste at all ”. And qualifies the book as “an enjoyable pack of stories in which its protagonists are, ultimately, human beings doing what they can in a dance without rules “.

Great international bands and soloists pass through the pages of the book. Between them, The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Yes y Deep Purple, Sex Pistols, Libertines, The Who and other formations launched into a race in which no one steps on the brakes.

There are also chronicles about The Kinks, the Norwegians of Mayhem and the Everly Brothers, the complex relationship between Chuck Berry Y Keith Richards and the scandalous coexistence between the explosive drummer Keith Moon Y the actor Steve McQueen, when it was their turn to be neighbors in Malibu.

Twelve spicy stories, but no bumps below the belt. As the author of “Seconds Out: Rock’s Most Scandalous Fights”, The stories told in the book are not intended to celebrate or condemn. It is only about the adventure of delving into a handful of stories and Peek through the keyhole of the fast-paced world of rock stars.


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