Five things (almost) all mothers secretly hate!

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Some things that parents “have to” do are simply unreasonable. Here are our top five.

by Viola Kaiser

Please don’t get upset! Of course, we mean a maximum of 90 percent when we write “all”. Certainly there are also mothers who, with great devotion and joy and patience, love exactly these five things that we list here. And they have our full admiration. Really. Nevertheless, some things that parents have to do, should do or do again and again against their better judgment, are simply unreasonable. Some examples:

1. Parents evenings

It already starts in kindergarten: You loll around on chairs that are too small with your back bent, clumsily tinkering with something and still try to smile when the somewhat exhausting mother X or the over-ambitious father Y ask unnecessary questions even after three hours (“Do they need Children sun protection in December? “). It doesn’t get any better in school, the principle remains the same. A little consolation: the beer with your favorite mother afterwards.

2. Bake!

You imagine it so beautifully: How you roll out or mix the dough together with the little ones in peace – and in the end everyone happily munch the result together. In reality, it is often the case that after about half a cookie has been cut out or after holding the mixer once, the children are tired of shoveling in huge amounts of raw dough and there is more flour in the apartment than sand in the Gobi desert. The result: a booth in need of renovation and severe stomach aches. That’s why we might soon prefer to buy our biscuits and cakes – or at least finished dough.

3. Visits to the fair

Oh, it smells so good and is so contemplative and funny. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. One child wants bratwurst, the other wants roasted almonds. Everyone definitely wants to ride the carousel again after the tenth lap. It is really nice for about 30 minutes, then it becomes exhausting. You spend what feels like 10,000 euros and when you want to go home, everyone cries. Last rescue: the beer and cocktail stand.

4. Swimming course

Sure, you have to learn that, for your own safety. In this respect, swimming courses are of course absolutely useful. No question. Then the enthusiasm stops again. Take off, put on, blow-dry. Sweat. Why is it always so hot in indoor swimming pools? Still the same ordeal next week. At least at some point the whole thing will be over. There is only one thing worse than swimming lessons in summer: swimming lessons in winter!

5. Other mothers

To be honest, the annoying know-it-all mothers (of course they are really great ones, for example) are the worst. Have good advice, punish you with evil eyes if you are completely right to complain in the playground, of course do everything right – even when baking (see point 1). Or even worse: Ask super superfluous questions at parents’ evening (see point 2), force us to use the minutes or the parent’s spokesman – or during the swimming course (see point 4) the child, who then has to be blow-dried as well. To ask?


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