Le Bourget airport, 12 kms from the center of Paris, became something like a Woodstock where the only star will be Lionel Messi. In that small track that is usually used by political leaders, the shouting emerges from the same Sunday that Leo confirmed in the farewell conference that “he was in negotiations with PSG.” On Thursday, when the bomb exploded, Olé announced that Paris Saint-Germain (full of stars) was not only the first firm option, but the one that most interested the Rosario star. But La Pulga and its surroundings are going little by little. Barcelona made one last play, the famous drowning slap after the incredible scandal. But it was too late … There was an informal proposal to see if this generated situation could be reversed, which Messi did not want, but it was already done.

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The future of 10 is in France. “Everything is on track for Leo to travel in the next few hours, except for a catastrophe”, Olé was confirmed by a person who stomps in negotiation at dawn in Europe. And that would be this Tuesday. From the player’s environment, they were clear and more measured during these hours: there is no reason to rush before a decision of such magnitude. For days, Spanish lawyers have been anchored in Paris with all the points of a contract that will mark a break in the history of world football.

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Jorge Messi talks with the lawyers are constant. Of course, the anxiety became like a snowman of excessive dimensions and the fans dance to the beat of the speed of social networks and information: it was said that Messi was traveling this Monday with his entire family to Paris. And, to the faithful journalistic guard, the fans were added. But the Argentine did not move from his home in Casteldefels. In fact, the video of a British TV station with a soda in hand and bathing shorts on the edge of the sink was broadcast.

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The star would travel to France on Tuesday. There are details of the contract that had not yet been resolved but were on the way. And he learned the hardest lesson he had to go through: he had everything arranged to continue at Barsa and, without anesthesia, they said thank you for everything. That is why it will go directly to sign an agreement that is 100% resolved. If it is not there today, it will be tomorrow. One of the versions that circulated before the delay of his arrival was that he was analyzing two offers, one from Chelsea and the other from Tottenham. The Blues have just hired Lukaku and they want another Champions in a row.

Although it would be tempting, from the outset Leo felt compelled to go to Paris. The proximity to Catalonia is an important point (it is an hour and a half away by plane), the sports project of PSG with a team mined with stars, many of them close friends of La Pulga, is something that mobilizes. And he also thought about the family part: the couples of Di María and Paredes (they are convinced that they will be Messi’s companions) meet with Antonela, they have children and that would make the move less traumatic for a Messi family that made their entire life in Barcelona and that, like the 10th, he intended to stay in Spain.


There is data that continues to be worked against the clock because the owners of PSG want to shake the world again as soon as possible: Messi’s contract is for three years, with an annual payment of about 30 million plus an extra fixed figure for the token (this amount and form of payment were not yet defined), since Leo arrives as a free player. There are other things than the fine print, like Leo’s image rights (there were some differences) and financial Fair Play, which would already be polished. But people are on fire.

The supposed presentation that was dated this afternoon is a magnet that groups and has full cell phones to know when the Flea arrives. At first there was talk of an event at the Eiffel Tower, as happened with Neymar a few years ago. But from the commune they believe that it would not be convenient. That’s why the club is planning something sober at the Parque de los Príncipes stadium. Of course, the Tower would be illuminated with the blue and white flag and the name of a certain Messi. Merci.

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After the cold echo that filled the stands due to the pandemic, PSG confirmed that for the next game they will reopen the stadium in its entirety. Paris was a Party wrote in the 1960s the impeccable Hemingway. But he screwed up with the verb: because Paris will continue to be a party. Messi waits to get on the private plane. The Barsa, despite a proposal from the treasurer Ferran Oliver to retain Leo, is already past. So hurry up, Messi, everyone asks you for it.

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