Statement was given by the commentator during the program 3 in 1, by Jovem Pan, this Monday, 9th, which debated the PEC vote of the printed vote

Young panBruna Torlay spoke about the PEC vote on the printed vote

A PEC do printed vote will be voted on this Tuesday, 10. The agreement was sewn this Monday, 9th at a lunch between the leaders of the Chamber of Deputies and the president of the House, Arthur Lira (PP-AL). Prepared by the federal deputy Kicis Beer (PSL-DF), the proposal must be defeated once again. If approved, the text goes to the Senate. For the change to the country’s voting system to take effect in the 2022 general elections, the change must be enacted by October of this year. The inclusion of this item on the agenda represents yet another defeat for President Jair Bolsonaro’s allies, who defended that the text be voted on only when the government had the necessary support. On the other hand, most deputies understand that discussions on the topic need to be resolved. In a radio interview Brado, from Bahia, Bolsonaro admitted the possibility of the proposal being barred in the Chamber. “Arthur Lira will [chamar para plenário], but if there is no negotiation before, an agreement, the proposal will be defeated because minister Barroso frightened some parliamentarians”, said the president. At Armed forces will hold a parade of armored vehicles and tanks in the Esplanade of Ministries, in Brasilia on the same day that the PEC vote will take place. About 2,500 soldiers will participate in the event.

During your participation in the program 3 in 1, gives Young pan, the commentator Bruna Torlay talked about the theme and the military ceremony, saying that the media acted with “astuteness” to manipulate the population and that the judges exercise a dictatorship in Brazil today. “It would be good if we had at some point a positive conflict that would lead to constructive solutions. I really don’t see anything special about this ceremony other than the extreme cunning on the part of the big opposition party that is active today and that is part of the press in manipulating the consensus. (…) While those [que estão] around Bolsonaro have not even imagined that people could explore this supposed relationship between a parade of new equipment and the vote in Congress, those who really have the political ability (…), very intelligently explore the imagination of the population to identify cannon, coup and they play this narrative in a malicious way to create a smokescreen while, in fact, whoever is doing the coup, who is exercising dictatorship today, are precisely the judges who should judge what happens. They are the ones who promote this instability”, said the commentator.

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